Premier League match at 3pm, dentist at 6pm

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A fan brushing their teeth whilst watching Chelsea vs Manchester United (2009/10).
กิจกรรมสุดประหลาดจากแฟนบอลในเกมที่ เชลซี พบกับ แมนเชสเตอร์ ยูไนเต็ด (2009/10)
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  • 😂

    Rajay coleRajay cole13 天 前
  • But what he said?

    Raja JavedRaja Javed13 天 前
  • 😂😂😂

    Ali 2030Ali 203015 天 前
  • Premier League trying to give off Sky Sports Retro energy, I like it

    Connor RoyseConnor Royse15 天 前
  • Ahh ya you can tell my guy has some tree in his pocket he look like he there cuz he had just got the extra money to go 😂

  • Premier League will become the new meme Powerhouse soon

    EMIR EEMIR E15 天 前
  • Where did he gargle?

    Shardul NikamShardul Nikam15 天 前
  • I thought it was drogba just chillin

    tonnietonnie15 天 前
  • It’s all fun and games until he spits on the back of your head

    Level of SnipesLevel of Snipes15 天 前
  • Hahahhaaha😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Abhiz G09Abhiz G0915 天 前
  • Lads, this game kicked off at 4pm on a Sunday. I know this because I checked on your website.

    Yoni Does SongsYoni Does Songs16 天 前
  • he swallowed the toothpaste too

    Aaron TAaron T16 天 前
  • heres a video idea actually 2 number 1 weak foot worldies when player scores screamers on their weak foot and 2 players scoring against future clubs

    Pererat GyangPererat Gyang16 天 前
  • When you got United away at 8 but a date at 10

    GodotGodot16 天 前
  • he look like demba ba

    Abdirahman AbdiAbdirahman Abdi16 天 前
  • Kerem ereal 17

    kadri erkalkadri erkal17 天 前
  • Don't worry , u r not the only one who got this recommended out of nowhere

    That's good huhThat's good huh17 天 前
  • We love to see it

    It’s Jaime PlayzIt’s Jaime Playz17 天 前
  • Dude has date after the game. Just freshing up! 😁

    arman1191arman119117 天 前
  • Salomon kalou...

    dijay Imotsabdijay Imotsab17 天 前
  • Who tf are this guy???? Like who is and why he did that hahahah

    Gaston OlivarezGaston Olivarez17 天 前
  • What an absolute Chad of a man

    Iseemtohave LostmynameIseemtohave Lostmyname17 天 前
  • The Indians who always sat behind Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Traffords

    Owili OcholaOwili Ochola17 天 前
  • Thank You Premier League 😂

    AvishekSparrowAvishekSparrow17 天 前
  • imagine if oh my goal post this video,would've been a 10 minute video

    hazmi shahhazmi shah17 天 前
  • Koproy

    Bayu Lintar A.Bayu Lintar A.17 天 前
  • ചെക്കൻ thug അക്കി അത്😎😅

    Midlaj Leo10Midlaj Leo1017 天 前
    • @AlluzzMystique mooonew nmal football fan anu⚽💋❤jj nnalum angane paryandilleyni machane☺

      Midlaj Leo10Midlaj Leo1016 天 前
    • @AlluzzMystique araa laliga fans¿ijaa premium league nadakkum🙄😏

      Midlaj Leo10Midlaj Leo1016 天 前
    • La liga fans ന് എന്താ പ്രീമിയർ ലീഗിൽ കാര്യം?😌

      AlluzzMystiqueAlluzzMystique16 天 前
  • This is what I subbed for

    Pranav NairPranav Nair17 天 前
  • mnu vs Chelsea can't be missed.

    mehdi gablimehdi gabli17 天 前
  • Premier League Admin is now Adminho for trolling others!

    Fantastic FootballFantastic Football17 天 前
  • Me when i forget to brush my teeth every morning

    Will GamingWill Gaming17 天 前
  • Never thought that Premier League will post a video like this one 😂

    Gigih PrakosoGigih Prakoso17 天 前
  • Wth why is prem upload this hahaha

    I don't mind pineapple on a pizzaI don't mind pineapple on a pizza17 天 前
  • Obertan Utd legend 🤣

    Nicholas LaiNicholas Lai17 天 前
  • Nice 😂

    adit wicakadit wicak17 天 前
  • Wait you can get dentist appointments at 6pm? If that’s the case I’m going to watch a match at the Emirates first

    Ronin RanaRonin Rana17 天 前
  • Toothboy😂

    Kai SyarifKai Syarif17 天 前
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    Raymond LewisRaymond Lewis17 天 前
  • Can’t blame him gotta keep them teeth bright

    Iced TræsIced Træs17 天 前
  • No way, it's a vanity toothbrush

    francisco talaverafrancisco talavera17 天 前
  • Wow, it is funny and um............ I am just speechless

  • The kid just behind him is Trevor Chalobah

    Josh PorterJosh Porter17 天 前
  • Dame that is one bright teeths

    ben chhakben chhak17 天 前
  • No need to explain why EPL is the best league in the world

    Aniq Just CoolAniq Just Cool17 天 前
  • Shaun from the chase

    Moses IbironkeMoses Ibironke17 天 前
  • #ICYMI Just to remind you that this video is posted by official Premier League CNworld account.

    hmmmhmmm17 天 前
  • The Premier League need it's very own Adminho to engage regularly in the comments.

    MunaMuna17 天 前
  • I thought this fans clip, but it's official premier league wkkwk😂

    Sarada UchihakeSarada Uchihake17 天 前
  • Uriah Rennie just keeping an eye on the game from the side

    Matt RussellMatt Russell17 天 前
  • hey mans gotta keep his teeth clean i guess

    Ryan MolstadRyan Molstad17 天 前
  • Am sure it is an habbit proposed by his dentist to him😂😂😂😂

  • Kumaru Usman is that you ? 😂

    HamidHamid17 天 前
  • Bruh

    Rick AstleyRick Astley17 天 前
  • He's hoping for a kiss from Gary Neville

    Deven SolankiDeven Solanki17 天 前
  • This man is a living legend 🤣😂

    Darius frimpongDarius frimpong17 天 前
  • หลุดจัด

    LULU YumYumLULU YumYum17 天 前
  • Fun fact: Sat behind him are Trevor and Nathaniel Chalobah

    _ Booth_ Booth17 天 前
  • a 1080p short clip and not uploaded in 2010s?? imposibble

    Nasyir FitrialdiNasyir Fitrialdi17 天 前
  • Chelsea fans when the brush their teeth at the game:

    Mohul Vidyasagar Ghosh BiswasMohul Vidyasagar Ghosh Biswas17 天 前
  • Premier League Damn, It's actually funny

    hafsa mohamoudhafsa mohamoud17 天 前
  • Roberto firmino: finally a worthy opponent

    Ya boi RyanYa boi Ryan17 天 前
  • 🤣🤣

    [PG8K] GW_WBA[PG8K] GW_WBA17 天 前
  • 😆

    Rwichik BhattacharyyaRwichik Bhattacharyya17 天 前
  • 🤯😂😂😂😂🤣

    Aniruddh BorkarAniruddh Borkar17 天 前
  • Looks good,wants more

    Ryan SardjoeRyan Sardjoe17 天 前
  • For half of my life I always thought it was balotelli

    Kabano AmosKabano Amos17 天 前
  • Why? = He is gonna meet his crush just after match.

    Abbas KhanAbbas Khan17 天 前
  • Okay next put vardy breaking the flag😩😩😩

    Jeremy DouglasJeremy Douglas17 天 前
  • I feel special for remembering that moment

    Reload TVReload TV17 天 前
  • Would love to see some more short clips like this one

    NW7NW717 天 前
  • can’t believe the premier league channel would upload this but it’s quality 😂😂

    NW7NW717 天 前
    • @Dave Duck how’s he a prick Martin keown?

      NW7NW717 天 前
    • Only could happen at a English premier ground,made me feel sick,what's happened to our game,pricks like him let in

      Dave DuckDave Duck17 天 前
  • Adminaldo Nazario keepin up with Bundesliga YT’s Adminho 🔥

    raghav vatsraghav vats17 天 前
  • Teeth are expensive, look after them 😁👍

    Yassin MorganYassin Morgan17 天 前
  • the power of video that less than one minute in youtube 😂

    lempeng kelapalempeng kelapa17 天 前
  • seriously didn't think it was actually the premier League who posted this

  • Kalauuuuu

    proxyproxy17 天 前
  • Thass jokes 😂😂😂

    Ishan BanerjiIshan Banerji17 天 前
  • This something sky sports retro would upload

    John WadeJohn Wade17 天 前
  • The music completes it

    KyleWKyleW17 天 前
  • Admin needs a pay raise

  • A yo I was actually thinking this is meme channel. But this is actually official account of EPL 😂😂😂

    Mohamad Riski A BMohamad Riski A B17 天 前
  • Ah the days when we had fans in football stadiums...

    Lord OmiotekLord Omiotek17 天 前
  • This post looks like shittier posting

    Ordi NaryOrdi Nary17 天 前
  • Lol

    Mobeen Raja - Various VideosMobeen Raja - Various Videos17 天 前
  • balotelli??

    JamminJammin17 天 前
  • When the dark destroyer has a day off from the chase haha

    Kathon DebKathon Deb17 天 前
    • He might of went to the game and then went on the chase later 😂😂😂😂

      Harry PlayzHarry Playz12 天 前
  • And it’s a official upload 😂😂😂

    Mr PopoMr Popo17 天 前
  • I thought that salomon kalou is making his debut...... But it's a dentist... 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • this is sky sports retro level

    Andrew WenAndrew Wen17 天 前
  • Official accounts know that memes are the future!!!

    P PP P17 天 前
  • Bobby Firmino: Are you challenging me?!!!

    Jagrati ShrivastavaJagrati Shrivastava17 天 前
    • 😁

      JJomoo _JJomoo _16 天 前
    • 😬

      ricochetpigricochetpig17 天 前
  • Premier league is the besttttt!!!!

  • Admin is the goat

    Samuel MonizSamuel Moniz17 天 前
    • Adminho

      Uncle BobUncle Bob17 天 前
  • his teeth are brighter than my future

    TheDrNobodyTheDrNobody17 天 前
  • When I first saw this my first question was......did he brought a toothpaste...brush...etc...LOL

    Labiang SunLabiang Sun17 天 前

    Miraj uddinMiraj uddin17 天 前
  • Great content considering we in black history month ✊🏿

    akintola richardakintola richard17 天 前
  • He is still brushing

  • I thought it was a new troll page but its official premier league😁😄😃

    Hooz gatesHooz gates17 天 前
  • 😀😁

    genci Jgenci J17 天 前