Players who only scored TWICE | First & Last Premier League goals | Afellay, Depay & more!

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A compilation of goals scored by players who only netted twice in the Premier League. This First & Last goals episode features Ibrahim Afellay (Stoke City), Memphis Depay (Manchester United), Kieran Trippier (Burnley, Tottenham Hotspur), Claude Makelele (Chelsea), Owen Hargreaves (Manchester United, Manchester City) and more!
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  • Song Name ?????

    Maho UzunMaho Uzun23 小时 前
  • Im just tryna figure out what musics in the background

    Stephen EverettStephen Everett天 前
  • The gleaming ex-wife bailly listen because peak psychologically sound aside a charming state. bumpy, makeshift spark

    Rory VeltmanRory Veltman天 前
  • Any idea what the instrumental is behind the footage?

    L NL N天 前
  • Memphis dephay is so much better now that means premier league was hard for him

    Crevzna ZiguaCrevzna Zigua天 前
  • Yall noticed how most of these goals were epic 😂

    Crevzna ZiguaCrevzna Zigua天 前
  • Can’t wait to see Kai Havertz on this video someday

    DJ Your New DadDJ Your New Dad天 前
  • Truly an elite group to be a part of 🥇🏆

    Mugamad Nur SalieMugamad Nur Salie天 前
  • Hargreaves would've been so good if he weren't made of glass

    ArunaAruna天 前
  • Ahhhh two dutch names in the title.

    Gienne QGienne Q天 前
  • Bit daft putting defenders in this

    Jimmy NeepsJimmy Neeps2 天 前
  • 🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱

    Werner MunnikhofWerner Munnikhof2 天 前
  • Arfelay score 7 premier league goals. Even says it on YOUR website

    Just JamesJust James2 天 前
  • Bruh at 1:34 why was he sighing, he pointed out the wrong direction XD

    Dishan Singh MehtaDishan Singh Mehta2 天 前
  • I think Joe Linton might end up in the next one

    ItzMazItzMaz2 天 前
  • Beautiful thumbnail with Afellay & Depay 🇳🇱 💪🏼

    EvernityEvernity2 天 前
  • Ulises de la Cruz had two goals during his Premier League days. Once for Aston Villa and once for Reading. Would've been a nice inclusion to your list.

    Oliver BeckOliver Beck3 天 前

    JayaunJayaun3 天 前
  • Isn’t it weird that Havertz doesn’t have enough goals to be in this video?

    Rayan WaliRayan Wali3 天 前
  • Depay scored a few goals n so did a few others 👀👀👀 whos doing the goal finding for you 👀🤣

    Kruno HDKruno HD3 天 前
  • Ummm Hargreaves scored for Man City. How accurate is this list?

    James MooreJames Moore3 天 前
  • 1:27 when the Charlton #15 tries to tell his keeper to go right. #fail

    Aaron WongAaron Wong3 天 前
  • Xherdian Shaqri

    Pro_GamingHDPro_GamingHD3 天 前
  • Radostin Kishishev could have been placed here.

    spd7693spd76933 天 前
  • Why memphis twice on the thumbnail

    mark taylormark taylor3 天 前
  • Shows how shit united is when a player like depay only scored twice for them

    SumronSumron4 天 前
  • Ronaldo stood and watched Hargreaves take that free kick at Old Trafford 👁👄👁

    waynehough13waynehough134 天 前
  • Donovan wore no9 and only scored 2? Lol

    mystxry -_-mystxry -_-4 天 前
  • Players who only played twice.

    Alex CAlex C4 天 前
  • Fun fact: Landon Donovan bears the rather ignominious distinction of having been the one player Jürgen Klinsmann really wanted to have when he was at Bayern Munich. According to Uli Hoeneß, Donovan was Klinsmann‘s only concrete suggestion on how to improve the squad during his nine months in charge. As with everything Klinsmann touched at Bayern, Donovan was completely awful during his loan spell and later deemed “not even good enough to play in the second team“ by Bayern legend Hermann Gerland, who was the long-time Bayern II coach and first team assistant coach at various points over the last couple of decades.

    Jack DangerJack Danger4 天 前
  • 7:28 every 11 year old on Xbox has that mic

    Xavier RawlsXavier Rawls4 天 前
  • 3:46 맥딜리버리

    SF ASF A4 天 前
  • Depay nothing more than a poser who thinks a lot of himself

    JokerJoker4 天 前
  • Funfact the players in the thumbmail are former psv players

    itspinguin ytitspinguin yt4 天 前
  • Remember when united fans said depay was the next ronaldo ahahahahahahahahahah

    football fanfootball fan4 天 前
  • Hargreaves could have been a legend and amazing footballer, destroyed by injuries such a shame he was good when he was on a pitch!

    Tokky TimTokky Tim4 天 前
  • Tim Howard needed one more goal to get in this video

    AndyAndy4 天 前
  • Love you tripps ❤️

    DanielMasonBFCDanielMasonBFC4 天 前
  • Ibi ❤️🔴⚪️

    Ollie WaltonOllie Walton4 天 前
  • that's not fair trippier also scored the second goal of Chelsea's 2-0 victory over Tottenham

    Mahmoud AhmedMahmoud Ahmed4 天 前
  • DIdnt Trippier score vs croatia in world cup semi final?

    Alexander WoodAlexander Wood4 天 前
  • I know Calres Gil will be in this. 2 great goals

    It ain't ObeezyIt ain't Obeezy5 天 前
  • Afellay and Depay from PSV ❤️🤍❤️🤍❤️

    DollarDollar5 天 前
  • Suprised actually to see donovan here. I thought he had more

    Muhamad AdhityaMuhamad Adhitya5 天 前

    Finn StimpsonFinn Stimpson5 天 前
  • That header by Xavier at the end! Wow!

  • Alternate Title : Most deserved Players for Ballon D'or. Check

    Kurogane HimeKurogane Hime5 天 前
    • @Cartoons 4Kids normie

      Kurogane HimeKurogane Hime13 小时 前
    • Cringe

      Cartoons 4KidsCartoons 4Kids13 小时 前
  • clicked because i saw afellay, what a legend, whatever happened to that guy?

    Jacob IbbsJacob Ibbs5 天 前
  • Still can’t believe Depay only scored twice for us in the pl . Man was supposed to bring us up

    Teddy WestsideTeddy Westside5 天 前
  • Depay scored twice versus Watford...

    RobbyPlaysRobbyPlays5 天 前
  • Troppier scored on Lloris 🤨

    WAZAAA KenWAZAAA Ken5 天 前
  • Landon Donovan has so much potential in Europe I think

  • It seems like the crowd at Riverside stadium have started the social distancing way before the pandemic.

    Sanphit Sae-tohSanphit Sae-toh5 天 前
  • Makelele goal wouldn't count with the new rules.

    TheNizoubizouTheNizoubizou5 天 前
  • baground music?

    FredGajFredGaj5 天 前
  • 0:35 this is what annoys me so much when listening to English Commentary. Lamela with an absolute class assist yet mention is only made of Trippier. If it was vice versa they would comment on the Trippier assist more than a Lamela goal. The patriarchy for English players is insane.

    Vari210Vari2105 天 前
    • You don't know what patriarchy means do you?

      Dan2994ifyDan2994ify22 小时 前
  • That Xavier guy is definitely an absolute nutter.

    JoeeelJoeeel6 天 前
  • Damn, Arbeloa was quite the underrated finisher.

    MikeMike6 天 前
  • The second makelele goal

    Ezra HartnettEzra Hartnett6 天 前
  • Kids don't know what MAKELE did for football.

    Stephen GeorgeStephen George6 天 前
    • They only care about how many goals this guy or that guy scores, stupid generation

      NixonNixon5 天 前
  • That liverpool goal for Enrique makes me 😥 such a great goal

    L WL W6 天 前
  • In my ‘American’ opinion, Too much emphasis is placed on goals. They’re are so many values a player can have besides goals or assists. Look at Firmino, look at yaya toure, both fantastic players that add so mich to the team despite underwhelming statistics.

    Dylan ButtDylan Butt6 天 前
  • the fact that gerard pigue is wearing number 19 celebrating for owen second free kick shows how massive my team is red devils forever

  • 7:24 He got that Xbox 360 mic 😂

    RyanTMHGRyanTMHG6 天 前
  • Depay failing at united still hurts to this day

    Big Shagger LengmanBig Shagger Lengman6 天 前
  • 8:24 - he’s bringing it home this year boys 👏

    Joe AnkersJoe Ankers6 天 前
  • I thought Jose Enrique was a goalkeeper

  • Makelele is criminally underrated

    Tadhg CorcoranTadhg Corcoran6 天 前
    • Played for a Chelsea, hows that underrated

      NixonNixon5 天 前
  • The goals just look better with that yellow and purple ball

    D CD C6 天 前
  • For me Hargreaves was so integral to the newly rejuvenated united team from 2007 onwards, but massive shame it did not work out.

    adam84657adam846576 天 前
    • It did work out, he was part of the Winning team that season, if anything its his injuries problems

      NixonNixon5 天 前
  • One dodgy ref cost Tiote being in this video with two worldies

    DMT32DMT326 天 前

    Enrique BerumenEnrique Berumen6 天 前
  • 1:27 and that is why you do your own thing instead of listening to others

    LbLb6 天 前

    Just Brandon Okay?Just Brandon Okay?6 天 前
  • How did depay only score twice ???

    JxFJxF6 天 前
  • Varela was goated at crossing

    Sneaker ReviewsSneaker Reviews6 天 前
  • Nice image of depay next to depay

    MillaVlogsMillaVlogs6 天 前
  • Notice how half of these are Liverpool players because most of them have been flops

  • Magic assist for the 1st goal

    Abhishek BhattacharjeeAbhishek Bhattacharjee7 天 前
  • Smooth background music 🔥

    Henny SteelHenny Steel7 天 前
  • So weird to see stadiums full of fans...

    DeadrichDeadrich7 天 前
  • Hats off to whoever chose dis beat 😭

    Tom MottyTom Motty7 天 前
  • Depay LMAO!

    JaeJae7 天 前
  • Next video should be “premier league’s one club man goals”

    Jack SpencerJack Spencer7 天 前
  • These lot running out of ideas already 😒

    Dimitri PayetDimitri Payet7 天 前
  • Very good video idea tbf

    XJokermanXXJokermanX7 天 前
  • I only need two more goals to be on this list

    Jack SpencerJack Spencer7 天 前
    • Lol

      Mitul Raj SinghMitul Raj Singh7 天 前
  • Backround music is beyond perfect even for football video

    ŠilerŠiler7 天 前
  • Makalele: scores a screamer. Commentator: I’m about to end this mans whole career.

    Xavier OffodileXavier Offodile7 天 前
    • @Egbert Crafton 1:09

      Commander CodyCommander Cody2 天 前
    • Time stamp?

      Egbert CraftonEgbert Crafton4 天 前
  • You forgot about Jozy Altidore

    Ghjk LkopGhjk Lkop7 天 前
  • Depay was such a Europa league merchant lmaoooo

    JokaFoXyJokaFoXy7 天 前
  • We’re not going to talk about that Memphis goal against Watford no

    Tj MoranTj Moran7 天 前
  • The ball in on the first goal was absurd

    Bryan LilleyBryan Lilley7 天 前
  • Fun Fact: Anelka scored his first and second goals for Albion in the same ground. 3-3 at West Ham.

    Bim Singh75Bim Singh757 天 前
  • Lmao gotta love the two PSV legends in the thumbnail

    Jan SanonoJan Sanono7 天 前
  • How about halving that number🥺

    John Obi MikelJohn Obi Mikel7 天 前
  • memphis depay got more yellow cards than goals for united

    Abdul-Sameei IqbalAbdul-Sameei Iqbal7 天 前
  • pipe

    JustjawadJustjawad7 天 前
  • you telling me Donovan only scored 2 pl goals? lol

    AFunkyHypnoCatAFunkyHypnoCat7 天 前
    • and only ever played 17 games for Everton.. so weird, I thought he was a club legend 😂

      Marcelo DinoMarcelo Dino2 天 前
  • Depay, di maria etc all great players but in manu not so because manchester has many problems

    Alen ForaAlen Fora7 天 前