2021年02月 4日
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A compilation of five unforgettable Cristiano Ronaldo goals scored for Manchester United in the Premier League to celebrate his birthday.
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  • I want him back in prem

    Kwame AdjepongKwame Adjepong6 天 前
  • cnworld.info/auto/RLVVYA32bC3SkiEey4G_5g

    Andre tries stuffAndre tries stuff12 天 前
  • prime CR7

    Aaron TAaron T25 天 前
  • GOAT

    Kareem ShabanKareem Shaban27 天 前
  • 1. He is GOAT 2. Or cry

    Sagnik GhoshSagnik Ghosh27 天 前
  • Pessi >>>>>>penaldo

    Tarzan MalayaTarzan Malaya27 天 前

    Shakif AimanShakif Aiman27 天 前
  • How did FIFA give him a flashback card with a 3* weak foot. Did you see those absolutely insane strikes.

    Txc GhostTxc Ghost28 天 前
  • The man who revolutionized football.

    Nabeel HakeemNabeel Hakeem28 天 前
  • Name of music?

    martingrannholmenmartingrannholmen28 天 前
  • Next Luis Suarez

    Noval PadangNoval Padang28 天 前
  • G.O.A.T

    Maria Rita Rivera MuñozMaria Rita Rivera Muñoz28 天 前
  • Thought this was a fake account

    Muhammad FarabiMuhammad Farabi28 天 前
  • 0:26 when your grandparents see you breath

    Max MyersMax Myers28 天 前
  • Ronaldo mean best food when hungry

    Nahsi gezanaNahsi gezana28 天 前
  • Where's the long range freekick against Arsenal???

    Zxenon NemrodZxenon Nemrod28 天 前
  • gift from heaven? or may be a gift from hell and it is just satan missing us around.

    Foodways DistributionFoodways Distribution28 天 前
  • Happy to see tat pl still remembers cr7

    Abijith muruganAbijith murugan28 天 前
  • You can take portrait oriented videos with you when you go straight to hell.

    Kryten 2X4B-523PKryten 2X4B-523P28 天 前
  • Happy Birthday to the 🐐GOAT🐐

    mleicamleica28 天 前
  • Uhhh. Well I thought the left one was his week foot , but I was wrong , very wrong indeed :(

    PranayPranay28 天 前
  • Happy b day to my man

    Ibrahim salehIbrahim saleh28 天 前
  • Ronaldo: 0:15 EA: 4 star weak foot

    Kelon HarryKelon Harry28 天 前
  • Monster, Machine, Legend

    Atabapo LucAtabapo Luc28 天 前
  • Happy birthday 🎂 🎂 CR 7

  • 아.

    한글과컴퓨터1996한글과컴퓨터199628 天 前
  • 3 star wf on his flashback my ass ea

    MachoMacho28 天 前
  • Happy Birthday Ronaldo... A 36 year old legend with a body of a 23.

    Francisco NunesFrancisco Nunes28 天 前
  • Happy birthday😁 to cr7 what a nice guy

    Krepxict -_-Krepxict -_-28 天 前
  • What is this shitty mobile format

    Filip BrnelićFilip Brnelić28 天 前
  • What a legend

    Artie LuckeArtie Lucke28 天 前
  • 0:30 Ferdinand headbutting Ronaldo 😂😂😂

    Rabbit HoleRabbit Hole28 天 前
  • Happy Birthday to this true LEGEND from Heaven! He's just too good, he's definetely from another planet! Truly the GREATEST of all time! Happy 36th Birthday Cristiano Ronaldo!

    MohamedSheikhaldeen FootballMohamedSheikhaldeen Football29 天 前
  • Happy birthday to Legend of Sporting Legend of Manchester Utd Legend of Portugal Legend of Real Madrid Legend of juventus And Greatest of all time CRISTIANO RONALDO

    North 7North 729 天 前
  • This man is crazy still beast on this age

    Ardhiansyah SadewoArdhiansyah Sadewo29 天 前
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOSS. Wish you a good health, even though you might not see this, but the world will. SIIIIIIIIIII👍⚡👊

    ade pandapotanade pandapotan29 天 前
  • The power of knuckle shoot..

    Asd DsaAsd Dsa29 天 前
  • Amazing player ⚽️⚽️⚽️

    LaureusLaureus29 天 前
  • goat man

    Tekz GhostTekz Ghost29 天 前
  • great player but he cares wayyyyyyyy too much what people think about him

    Truth SeekerTruth Seeker29 天 前
  • That's why Man Utd wants Ronny back !.

    Bit FrostBit Frost29 天 前
  • Chris Ronny The Goat 🐐 , a 36 year old footballer with 20 year old baller spirit 🔥🔥🔥🇵🇹💥

    Bit FrostBit Frost29 天 前
  • "he's a gift from heaven isn't he , he's truly a gift from heaven".

    Bit FrostBit Frost29 天 前
    • @NW7 ayy chil hes not forcing u to do it u shmuck

      Prime BabatundePrime Babatunde27 天 前
    • @Aibe world shut up don’t self promote u muppet

      NW7NW728 天 前
    • I made a video asking Nigerians Messi or Ronaldo check if you can 🙂

      Aibe worldAibe world28 天 前
    • He is the output of pure hardwork and determination

      Shilpa PrajapatiShilpa Prajapati29 天 前
  • When they compare Salah to Messi and Ronaldo...the only is goat is Ronny... little times.

    Bit FrostBit Frost29 天 前
  • Definitely the free kick vs Portsmouth

    Aanu Olanrewaju AgoroAanu Olanrewaju Agoro29 天 前
  • Still the goat years later.

    Uzbeki MapperUzbeki Mapper29 天 前
  • He should go to Liverpool

    Jesse CharlesJesse Charles29 天 前
  • He's a legend at Three club, Happy Birthday Cr7.

    Akash KumarAkash Kumar29 天 前
  • Ronaldo was a Beast for Man U, no wonder he's Sir Alex Ferguson favorite footballer.

    WEEKxoWEEKxo29 天 前
  • Ronaldo was something special for man United. Its sad hes gone

  • Happy birthday to the one and only 🐐

    Krish ThakkarKrish Thakkar29 天 前
  • Ronaldo reminds of Son .... he has no weak foot .... what a player

    Krish ThakkarKrish Thakkar29 天 前
  • I'm the 1000th Like 😁🤩

    Aamir Feroz KamarudheenAamir Feroz Kamarudheen29 天 前
  • Happie b'day legend U just inspired many people's and made you're hater's as your motivation You are truly inspiring to this world and in your world Thanks for making football this beautiful

    Hisham TharakathHisham Tharakath29 天 前
  • Beast!!!

    redleg13b Jayredleg13b Jay29 天 前
  • Nobody: Commentator : Ronaldooooo

    Victor EkeVictor Eke29 天 前
  • There were times where it was Ronaldo vs Portsmouth! What a show that was! Especially that free-kick!

    Hüseyin TokHüseyin Tok29 天 前
  • He is a gift from heaven, isn't he.

    Kaushik DasKaushik Das29 天 前
    • I made a video asking Nigerians Messi or Ronaldo check if you can 💤

      Aibe worldAibe world28 天 前
  • Against Portsmouth ohhh what a freekick 👌

    Nahsi gezanaNahsi gezana29 天 前
  • My king

    Sal SSal S29 天 前
  • Happy Birthdate to the f*cking leyend CR 7 🎂 🎈 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    Jordan ZevenJordan Zeven29 天 前
  • 🔥🔥

    [PG8K] GW_WBA[PG8K] GW_WBA29 天 前
  • Its such an honour to share a birthday with such a legend of the game.

    YngTckzYngTckz29 天 前
    • @Iseemtohave Lostmyname thanks bro

      YngTckzYngTckz28 天 前
    • Yo happy birthday G

      Iseemtohave LostmynameIseemtohave Lostmyname29 天 前
  • He is truly gift from heaven...! CR7 ❤⚽

  • Happy Birthday GOAT 🐐 !!! 🔥🔥🔥 🎂🎉🎈

    JustChill DudeJustChill Dude29 天 前
  • Yes

    Anton LiubomirskiyAnton Liubomirskiy29 天 前
  • Pure class! What a goals! Glory Glory Man United!!!💪

    Ejdem.Ejdem.29 天 前
  • cnworld.info/free/nqiismDel6SHqJo/sh-p-n

    WonderwallWonderwall29 天 前
  • Happy birthday to you legend Cristiano 🔥🎉 Forza Juve

    Ricky SatriawanRicky Satriawan29 天 前
  • Cristiano Ronaldo The name is enough

    QQ HDTMQQ HDTM29 天 前
  • Try do a short video without Manchester United this time.. jesus 😆

    Nick-N-NelsNick-N-Nels29 天 前
  • Hope this big man comes back where he began

    GeorgeGeorge29 天 前
  • Best league in the world!

    Ali KarahanAli Karahan29 天 前
  • Wow

    Aboshnfe gamesAboshnfe games29 天 前
  • Ronaldo free kick vs Everton left me speechless when I saw it for the first time

    Menius8Menius829 天 前
  • The greatest ever. Happy birthday to Cristiano Ronaldo

    Lee KingLee King29 天 前
  • What about goal vs Porto??

    Abhijith KrishnaAbhijith Krishna29 天 前
  • Made in Lisbon, in Manchester for Manchester United ~ Peter Drury. Time Flies.

    Rudresh KalgutkarRudresh Kalgutkar29 天 前
  • Why so low quality???

    Shah NewazShah Newaz29 天 前
  • Same old story. We need to hear SIIII at Old Trafford please CR7

    IK tubeIK tube29 天 前
  • You muppets could at least respect the man with horisontal video.

    Trygve Yatta HeivangTrygve Yatta Heivang29 天 前
  • Bundesliga's Adminho is a 🐐

    DakshDaksh29 天 前
    • I made a video asking Nigerians Messi or Ronaldo check if you can 💤

      Aibe worldAibe world28 天 前
  • The GOAT🐐

    DakshDaksh29 天 前
  • This guy defies science. He is the true outlier

    Edric KinataEdric Kinata29 天 前
  • Crack CR7⚽🇵🇹.

    El FlackoEl Flacko29 天 前
  • Happy birthday to CR7

    Ofentse SelekaOfentse Seleka29 天 前
  • CR7 > Pessi any day anywhere anytime

    soumik mukherjeesoumik mukherjee29 天 前
  • Happy b day kakak dodo🎉🎉🎉🎉🎂🎂🎂 ke 36

  • Even I am a liverpool supporter, but I still give my gratitude to them.

  • 🐏

    נדב עוזנדב עוז29 天 前
  • I hope PL will make more football shorts like this and that Berbatov which are really nice

  • That time Commetries we're something cool

    Ayush PatilAyush Patil29 天 前
  • Happy birthday to the goat football is incomplete without you

    Sumehr Singh PasrichaSumehr Singh Pasricha29 天 前
  • There's more than 750 actually

    Siddharth ChatterjeeSiddharth Chatterjee29 天 前
  • Why only make it 30 seconds 🤩

    DGS vidz ;DGS vidz ;29 天 前
  • Happy Birthday to the legend King CR7

    AkinAkin29 天 前
  • Cristiano Ronaldo welcome do Aston Villa

    João SerraJoão Serra29 天 前
  • Come back and yourself a legend☹️☹️☹️

    Reverse Flash PlaysReverse Flash Plays29 天 前
  • The free kick was amazing

    The LouisMeisterThe LouisMeister29 天 前
  • Happy birthday 🎉🎉

    RyanMUFCRyanMUFC29 天 前