Cisse STUNNER & Jesus finishes SUBLIME Man City move | Premier League Classic Goals | MW24 fixtures

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A compilation of fantastic goals scored from past meetings of this weekend’s match-ups. This video features Jamie Vardy (Leicester City), Philippe Coutinho (Liverpool), Leandro Trossard (Brighton & Hove Albion), Jack Grealish (Aston Villa), Raul Jimenez (Wolverhampton Wanderers), Lys Mousset (Sheffield United), Fernando Torres (Chelsea), Papiss Cisse (Newcastle United), Gabriel Jesus (Manchester City) and more!
Who scored the best goal? Let us know in the comments.
Discover how you can watch matches from Matchweek 24:
Matchweek 24 fixtures:
Saturday 13 February 2021
Leicester City vs Liverpool
Crystal Palace vs Burnley
Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspur
Brighton & Hove Albion vs Aston Villa
Sunday 14 February 2021
Southampton vs Wolverhampton Wanderers
West Bromwich Albion vs Manchester United
Arsenal vs Leeds United
Everton vs Fulham
Monday 15 February 2021
West Ham United vs Sheffield United
Chelsea vs Newcastle United
Wednesday 17 February 2021
Burnley vs Fulham
Everton vs Manchester City
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  • Discover how you can watch matches from Matchweek 24:

    Premier LeaguePremier League21 天 前

      [4B03]FUNG CHEUK LAP [4B03]馮卓立[4B03]FUNG CHEUK LAP [4B03]馮卓立21 天 前
    • Vardy vs liverpool

      Subham MishraSubham Mishra21 天 前
    • K

      MusialaSZNMusialaSZN21 天 前
    • 1. Ratio Premier League 2. Guy please like my video

      StephenStephen21 天 前
  • Jesus scored both the man city goals in this vid (Jesus Navas and Gabriel Jesus)

    Michael LamarMichael Lamar18 天 前
  • #raaixhighlights

    Hussain RiyazHussain Riyaz18 天 前
  • This channel, unlike its counterparts like Bundesliga, La Liga and Serie A, doesn't have match highlights, what an epic fail.

    Gio NgGio Ng19 天 前
  • I like Liverpool Coutinho.

    [73]월클덕배[73]월클덕배19 天 前
  • Best finishers in best league

    Aj 4kAj 4k19 天 前
  • Cisse goal was class

    Shahid WillieShahid Willie19 天 前
  • Cissé Newcastle Goal 4:01 😳😱❤️ 🔥then Barkley Everton 4:35 🔥💪🏼😎

    Curtis RoselaneCurtis Roselane20 天 前
  • Every time I see the Cissé goal I click

    Saban TanderSaban Tander20 天 前
  • 3w

    Lap Lap Ricky FungLap Lap Ricky Fung20 天 前
  • The dependent interest geometrically bolt because place spontaneously surprise into a jealous elbow. oval, longing income

    Bean-Berry HodzenBean-Berry Hodzen20 天 前
  • As a Chelsea fan that Cisse goal was class

    Rathurshan RajeekaranRathurshan Rajeekaran20 天 前
  • Champions

    Matthew du SartMatthew du Sart20 天 前
  • I am in love with premier league

    MR.SMART?MR.SMART?20 天 前
  • Today Vardy score again vs Liverpool🔥

    ammar haziqammar haziq20 天 前
  • Fellaini had the best first touch with the chest this league had ever seen. Also one of the most memorable fros

    Sam CoumansSam Coumans20 天 前
  • Raul just wanted a hug

    Bernie UdeoguBernie Udeogu20 天 前
  • Premier League the best league❤

    kondi 67kondi 6720 天 前
  • Miss those crowds 😭

    ngulie ketsngulie kets20 天 前
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  • Who's here looking for Cissé goal???

    Debarshi PanditDebarshi Pandit20 天 前
  • Why is the premier league so good!!!!!!👍

    J JJ J20 天 前
  • Best league in the world 👍

    Taufik HidayatTaufik Hidayat20 天 前
  • All Best Goals Hai

    Devesh MittalDevesh Mittal20 天 前
  • Cisse's goal was so good that it ends up in pretty much every video. I expect to see it in MW 25, 26 and 227 as well for good measure.

    Kieran McMahonKieran McMahon20 天 前
  • As an Everton fan, Barley was the worst one you could possibly choos.

    Inkysquid4Inkysquid420 天 前
  • Jesus with that Brazilian flair His creativity reminds me of ronaldinho

    Ibraheem NoorIbraheem Noor21 天 前
  • I mean after that Aguero goal, Vardy’s one has to be the most iconic PL goal of all time! I mean even as a saints fan it’s just something special along with what it did for the club!

    Elijah KhairaElijah Khaira21 天 前
  • Jesus finishes SUBLINE Man City move lmao

    Skydav YTSkydav YT21 天 前
  • I can never forget the Cisse goal coming from a Chelsea fan

    RaidzRaidz21 天 前
  • My favourite football chanal

    Jovan StanojevićJovan Stanojević21 天 前
  • Wow, great at goals.

    Abdulrahman AlalawiAbdulrahman Alalawi21 天 前
  • Pl road to2 mil subs

    PeskidPeskid21 天 前

    [4B03]FUNG CHEUK LAP [4B03]馮卓立[4B03]FUNG CHEUK LAP [4B03]馮卓立21 天 前
  • Cissé goal is so unforgettable, it appears in almost every compilation

    Zxenon NemrodZxenon Nemrod21 天 前
  • Cissé, for ever 🤤🔥🔥🔥

    Zxenon NemrodZxenon Nemrod21 天 前
  • Best Goal in Jemi Verdi👌

    Abdi Hassan Abdi HassanAbdi Hassan Abdi Hassan21 天 前
  • Realistaa Sayed AliRealistaa Sayed Ali21 天 前
  • Cisse’s goal makes it onto every compilation lmao

    Maximillian FordMaximillian Ford21 天 前
    • His first one should be up there as well.. Insane control and then the finish

      Paul-Robert NukkaPaul-Robert Nukka18 天 前
  • I still have no Idea how Crises curved the ball that much

    Itz NjItz Nj21 天 前
  • Can we appreciate Fellaini's goal against WBA? 2:32 The way he controlled the ball with his chest 🔥

    Ihab AmmouryIhab Ammoury21 天 前
    • Yes ihab we can

      Aadeeshvar SinghAadeeshvar Singh21 天 前
  • The fact that Vardy’s goal was not in the thumbnail shows the quality of the goals

    Itz NjItz Nj21 天 前
  • Come on Manchester City💪

    Aizawa DAL16Aizawa DAL1621 天 前
    • Small club

      Aaaa BbbbAaaa Bbbb20 天 前
  • Best league, best players, best fans in the world

  • Townseds finnese goal was unlucky to not get Goal of the month since his volley was so good

    James RecordJames Record21 天 前

    James RecordJames Record21 天 前
  • Premier League is the best League in the world

    Rwichik BhattacharyyaRwichik Bhattacharyya21 天 前
  • Fenerdede şöyle atsa keşke

    EFEEFE21 天 前
  • So many classic goals in this fixture, Cissé goal was a classic one.

    Hasib RaiyanHasib Raiyan21 天 前
    • @MountSZN yh But normally teams scored sick goals against arsenal 🙄

      Young GoonerYoung Gooner21 天 前
    • One of the best goals I have ever seen scored against us 👏

      MountSZNMountSZN21 天 前
  • Cisse goal is legendary

    YeetYeet21 天 前
  • 243rd view lol EARLY

    SymptomgamingSymptomgaming21 天 前
  • 212th like lol

    SymptomgamingSymptomgaming21 天 前
  • The greatest goal

    Andi HartonoAndi Hartono21 天 前
  • these are great vids

    MRFIFA 10MRFIFA 1021 天 前
  • That Vardy goal

    Million subscriber without videoMillion subscriber without video21 天 前
  • Where are you my fellow Cityzens? 😜

    MshambaflanMshambaflan21 天 前
    • Plastics

      Aaaa BbbbAaaa Bbbb20 天 前
    • Right here

      Md Musa KhurshidMd Musa Khurshid21 天 前
  • Leicester vs Liverpool Vardy Coutinho

    Rwichik BhattacharyyaRwichik Bhattacharyya21 天 前
  • i wish i could play in premier league

    GeorgeGeorge21 天 前

    GSP Match CompilationsGSP Match Compilations21 天 前
    • Nwankwo Kanu when football becomes art

      GSP Match CompilationsGSP Match Compilations21 天 前
  • Can I get a heart from the best league in the world Everton Fan from South Africa

    QronozeQronoze21 天 前
    • Me too me too! United fan from Singapore

      Skydav YTSkydav YT21 天 前
  • Imagine 10 goals in 1 game and Mourinho being the manager of 1 side.

    MusialaSZNMusialaSZN21 天 前
    • @Aaaa Bbbb ik lol

      MusialaSZNMusialaSZN20 天 前
    • It nearly happened on Wednesday

      Aaaa BbbbAaaa Bbbb20 天 前
    • @MountSZN Lol

      MusialaSZNMusialaSZN21 天 前
    • Lol

      MountSZNMountSZN21 天 前
  • Coutinho, the magnifico

    Mohamud HassanMohamud Hassan21 天 前
  • Best league itw w the best teams

    Anfield agenda memesAnfield agenda memes21 天 前
  • Streets won’t forget Demba Ba and Cisse at Newcastle also HBA

    Young GoonerYoung Gooner21 天 前
  • Which Premier League match are you most looking forward to? 🤔 A. Leicester City vs Liverpool B. Crystal Palace vs Burnley C. Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspur D. Brighton & Hove Albion vs Aston Villa E. Southampton vs Wolverhampton Wanderers F. West Bromwich Albion vs Manchester United G. Arsenal vs Leeds United H. Everton vs Fulham I. West Ham United vs Sheffield United J. Chelsea vs Newcastle United K. Burnley vs Fulham L. Everton vs Manchester City

    Premier LeaguePremier League21 天 前
    • С

      Azizbek BagdaliyevAzizbek Bagdaliyev19 天 前
    • All

      Devesh MittalDevesh Mittal20 天 前
    • Arsenal 3-0 Leeds 2 goals from Nicolas Pepe and 1 goal from Gabriel Magalhaes

      JoeJoe21 天 前
    • C

      Katlo LemoKatlo Lemo21 天 前
    • A, C & G interesting

      JoeJoe21 天 前
  • Kanu Nwankwo - When Football Becomes Art

    GSP Match CompilationsGSP Match Compilations21 天 前
  • 20 likes... No views hahaha

    Farid BelloFarid Bello21 天 前
  • That cisse goal was like an absolute belter

    Spurs FamSpurs Fam21 天 前
  • 😍😍😍👊🔥

    Antoine GriezmannAntoine Griezmann21 天 前
  • Chance for vardy to run and vardy goes first time and scores a stunner leicester’s very own fantastic mr fox

    Kamran MatloobKamran Matloob21 天 前
    • It's eleven heaven for jamie vardy

      Darren AntolisDarren Antolis18 天 前
  • These goals are great

    Krishnendu TSKrishnendu TS21 天 前
  • Lately, Premier league has started uploading some really amazing content.. They're living up to expectations

    Fan SiteFan Site21 天 前
    • @Dajan Greensword sky sports job

      DGS vidz ;DGS vidz ;19 天 前
    • Now the thing that would be better is to upload highlights on the channel.

      Dajan GreenswordDajan Greensword20 天 前
    • It's all for Marketing purpose

      FCB10HD_FCB10HD_21 天 前
    • @ׁ lol

      Aadeeshvar SinghAadeeshvar Singh21 天 前
    • Shame the same can't be same about most of the referees

      ׁׁ21 天 前
  • Hello everyone

    Yusuf SaygaYusuf Sayga21 天 前
  • Which player scored the best goal?

    Premier LeaguePremier League21 天 前
    • All

      Devesh MittalDevesh Mittal20 天 前
    • Cisse

      Nethan LockNethan Lock21 天 前
    • Papiss.

      Katlo LemoKatlo Lemo21 天 前
    • Cisse.

      Rian ArdianRian Ardian21 天 前
    • Cisse

      PolarPenguinPolarPenguin21 天 前
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  • Everyone please like my video please

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  • What a goal

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