Premier League Defenders’ First & Last Goals | Rio Ferdinand, Vincent Kompany & More!

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A compilation of defenders’ first and last goals scored in the Premier League featuring Rio Ferdinand (West Ham United, Leeds United, Manchester United, Queens Park Rangers), Vincent Kompany (Manchester City), John Terry (Chelsea), Jamie Carragher (Liverpool), Sol Campbell (Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, Portsmouth, Newcastle United) and more!
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  • Daniel Agger

    Ca CaoCa Cao8 小时 前
  • Vincent Kompany's goal is the best and the greatest in terms of importance ever scored by a defender in the PremierLeague,and one of the greatest overall.I am a Liverpool fan,it broke my heart,I have massive respect for Vincent Kompany,for the leader and player he was. It was his last goal,in his last ever home game.Some things are just meant to be...

  • Half of these goals would’ve been disallowed with VAR, crazy to think.

    Marcelo DinoMarcelo Dino天 前
  • Premier League Striker First & Last Goal Owen, Torres & more

    Reiner BraunReiner Braun3 天 前
  • Position is key in football

    Excellent BugExcellent Bug6 天 前
    • Anyone play football ,? Know that zone you get in when scoring even in street football, just the feeling that what football is all about

      Excellent BugExcellent Bug6 天 前
  • Ah yes, legendary defender "Nemansa Vidic" lol

    Tim TaylorTim Taylor6 天 前
  • No Evra?

    Daffa Lukman RajaDaffa Lukman Raja9 天 前
  • What about players that scored 100 premier league goals first and last? 😉👍

    Nick BakerNick Baker9 天 前
  • Dennis Irwin should be in this video. Arguably the best full back in premier league history

    Ryano22Ryano2213 天 前
  • I'm a united fan but that goal from kompany shows us why we love this beautiful game. His teammates were saying "Vinny don't shoot" Vinny no" but man that goal is a thing a beauty

    Hashim MalikHashim Malik13 天 前
  • Best till last

    Fat PigeonFat Pigeon17 天 前

    Dimitri MedveDimitri Medve17 天 前
  • Wasn’t Kompany technically a midfielder when he scored that first goal?

    Ahmad HalimiAhmad Halimi18 天 前
    • He started as a Mdef at Anderlecht but only for the first years

      Dimitri MedveDimitri Medve17 天 前
  • City fan so maybe a bit of bias , but forget defenders , that Kompany strike has to be 1 of the best last strikes of any PL player. The strike and what it meant ultimately setting us up to win the league on the final day , stuff of dreams.

    Night TimeNight Time18 天 前
  • Tony Adams??

    Elaine BarrettElaine Barrett18 天 前
  • Criminal to leave out Kolarov

    Osman Bin OmarOsman Bin Omar18 天 前
  • KOMANI 😮

    ibrahim muhamadibrahim muhamad18 天 前
  • The extension of Vidic on his first goal was something😍

    Comanchi VillageComanchi Village20 天 前
  • That Vinny's screamer was so lit🔥....I was watching that game live, that gave me goosebumps ⚡... Captain fantastic 💙

    Akhil C AnilAkhil C Anil21 天 前
  • So John Terry’s last premier league goal was a shot inside the box where he slipped and hit the post 😐😂

    Nathan MerchantNathan Merchant21 天 前
  • No video for Smaldini ?

    Nazirin KhairuddinNazirin Khairuddin21 天 前
  • Kompany

    Md AkashMd Akash21 天 前
  • For latest Goals of Premier L #raaixhighlights

    Hussain RiyazHussain Riyaz22 天 前
  • John Terry the best defender in PL history. 💙💪

    Jei MarbañiangJei Marbañiang22 天 前
  • Om

    [4B03]FUNG CHEUK LAP [4B03]馮卓立[4B03]FUNG CHEUK LAP [4B03]馮卓立22 天 前
  • John Terry’s last goal was his loan appearance for villa in 2017 when terry scored a header to win 1-0 against fulham

    I meow ALOTI meow ALOT22 天 前
  • Sad to see super jaan not there he is also a legend 😭

    Priyansh RaoPriyansh Rao22 天 前
  • I wish tioté was in this R.I.P

    CountdownCountdown22 天 前
  • The best for the last

    Johnfisher UzomahJohnfisher Uzomah22 天 前
  • Greatest league with the greatest teams and players

    Siddharth ChatterjeeSiddharth Chatterjee22 天 前
  • Where’s VVD??.. RIP

    krispin wahkrispin wah22 天 前
    • He hasn't retired yet, he's likely to score more goals once he returns from injury

      Ryan NurseRyan Nurse18 天 前
  • 7:08 who else heard a scream?

    Aqil ZamranAqil Zamran23 天 前
  • 0:03 "AND TURNED IN BY A MAN" HAHAHAHA hilarious

    Aqil ZamranAqil Zamran23 天 前
  • Phillippe Albert?

    Pat & FuriousPat & Furious23 天 前
  • Can't believe Goal machine Ivanovic isn't on this video

    Harish NarayananHarish Narayanan23 天 前
  • Great list of CBs but JT did it for 16 years! The best CB ever in the history of the PL.

    RK's LoungeRK's Lounge23 天 前

    Andika BagusAndika Bagus23 天 前
  • Work hard

    Reporter Kampung 87Reporter Kampung 8723 天 前
  • Finally, First & Last again

    Christian NatanaelChristian Natanael23 天 前
  • 0:14 this is the defender who is the most passionate of all times 😂

    Humai VlogHumai Vlog23 天 前
  • When ever Arsenal player come to Chelsea they get Success

    Karma TslaKarma Tsla23 天 前
  • Bundesliga could like my comment can premier league like my comment

    Patrick CoughlinPatrick Coughlin23 天 前
  • Vidic & Ferdinand... what a duo

    mynamisCHRISmynamisCHRIS23 天 前
  • Kompany’s last goal was 🔥🔥🔥

    sahil jaiswalsahil jaiswal23 天 前
  • According to his Wiki Carragher scored in the 08/09 season so the one in the vid wouldn't have been his last goal

    TheTwizlerxTheTwizlerx23 天 前
  • Captain fantastic Vincent kompany

    Jiirlaqe RoomaanJiirlaqe Roomaan23 天 前
  • RVP had some nice deliveries

    Rameez QureshiRameez Qureshi23 天 前
  • This is just a compilation of the commentator not knowing who scored. 😂

    The NarensinhoThe Narensinho23 天 前
  • “Turned in by ya mum”

    AdamAdam23 天 前
  • Sorry Vinnys goal is clearrrrrr

    mohamed ismailmohamed ismail23 天 前
  • Rio Ferdinand looking like a striker for his first goal.

    Billy ConnolliBilly Connolli23 天 前
  • Had a look had a hit ahhhhhhhhh Captain fantastic. Legendary

    Farida CanhamFarida Canham23 天 前
  • Put JT on the title

    Mohul Vidyasagar Ghosh BiswasMohul Vidyasagar Ghosh Biswas23 天 前
  • Best soccer league in the world I really appreciate what you do for us premier league

    Hedi HajatHedi Hajat23 天 前
  • JT

  • 💥

    Matthew du SartMatthew du Sart23 天 前
  • 10131st view lol

    SymptomgamingSymptomgaming23 天 前
  • No Leighton Baines???? Plz do a part two, the league has given us many amazing defenders, and you barely skimmed the surface here. Great video nonetheless. :)

    Inkysquid4Inkysquid423 天 前
  • Caragher looks like 35 year old when he was a ‘teenager’

    Kion SoppieKion Soppie23 天 前
  • Ashley Cole goal defenetely an ironic From Arsenal Going to Chelsea to defend petr chech ,after that he score against chech

    Dream KeeperDream Keeper23 天 前
  • Vidic had the best first goal, and Kompany had the best last goal 🤝

  • Vinnie absolutely stole the show and this video!

    Przemysław GradekPrzemysław Gradek23 天 前
  • Carvalho looks 10 years older when he scored his last, but 2008 was only 3 years since 2005

    ManctheKnifeManctheKnife23 天 前
    • r/theydidthemath

      minks sinatraminks sinatra21 天 前
  • This best goal best moments Premier league best gols ever for talenty

    Vitor Oliveira da cruzVitor Oliveira da cruz23 天 前
  • Terry the best of all time

    it'z youngest presido 666it'z youngest presido 66623 天 前
  • Kompany signing off with a blast. Damn!

    Farit DoditFarit Dodit23 天 前
  • Best football league in the world for this reason!!!!

    Vedang GogateVedang Gogate23 天 前
  • Vidic💥💥

    Vishal Pes LoverVishal Pes Lover23 天 前
  • Nemanja Vidic has a big leap on him.

    Omarie NelsonOmarie Nelson23 天 前
  • It's the 🐐 league, expect nothing less

    AM9AM923 天 前
  • Rio Ferdinand And Anton Ferdinand goals

    John Matthew StonesJohn Matthew Stones23 天 前
  • Wow carragher retired in 2012 or was it 2013 and he scored his last goal in 2007

    C BourkeC Bourke23 天 前
    • this was his last game and 'almost' goal

      wonderful human being with a great characterwonderful human being with a great character23 天 前
  • Terry best CB in premier league history

    500 subs no videos500 subs no videos23 天 前
  • All Best Goals Hai

    Devesh MittalDevesh Mittal23 天 前
  • Van persie assisted both rio and vidic his last goals

    M DlM Dl23 天 前

    Class HagioClass Hagio23 天 前
  • That kompany goal 😭

    Aditya Singh ThakurAditya Singh Thakur23 天 前

      Class HagioClass Hagio23 天 前
  • Those headers from Man-U invisible after Rio & Vidic left

    Anil KumarAnil Kumar23 天 前

      Class HagioClass Hagio23 天 前
  • make a video on strikers 🙏🙏

    Ashok Pratap SinhaAshok Pratap Sinha23 天 前
    • Your heart reaction made my day sir 💕

      Ashok Pratap SinhaAshok Pratap Sinha23 天 前
  • where's Tony Adams

    lil smokeylil smokey23 天 前

      Class HagioClass Hagio23 天 前
  • Very nice video.

    Alex ValelisAlex Valelis23 天 前
  • *Vincent Kompany*

    Aizawa DAL16Aizawa DAL1623 天 前
  • Manchester City

    Aizawa DAL16Aizawa DAL1623 天 前
    • Small club

      Aaaa BbbbAaaa Bbbb23 天 前
  • Vinnie F*cking Kompany !! 💙🇧🇪

    General KenobiGeneral Kenobi23 天 前

      Class HagioClass Hagio23 天 前
  • We're those Carragher's only goals

    M.Y 115M.Y 11523 天 前

      Class HagioClass Hagio23 天 前
  • Wow goals at the pinnacle of creativity from the players.

    Abdulrahman AlalawiAbdulrahman Alalawi23 天 前

      Class HagioClass Hagio23 天 前
  • We are all here for Kompany's last goal😎

    Enock MuchiriEnock Muchiri23 天 前
  • Never gonna stop watching this. Best league in the world

  • 04/05 Carvalho was a different breed 💙🦾

    Pedro NevesPedro Neves23 天 前

      Class HagioClass Hagio23 天 前
    • At those season, Carvalho and Terry is a wall of rock. Came from United Fans.

      MAGMADIPA CUP 2021MAGMADIPA CUP 202123 天 前
  • Nemanja Vidic

    Jayant CallaJayant Calla23 天 前
  • JT 26 Captain Leader Legend 💙🤩

    Pedro NevesPedro Neves23 天 前

      Class HagioClass Hagio23 天 前
  • How about John Arne Riise?

    K TuấnK Tuấn23 天 前
  • Thanks for the memories

    Elvis EghosaElvis Eghosa23 天 前

      Class HagioClass Hagio23 天 前
  • When was the last time u saw van Persie without grey hair

    Mattios AbiyMattios Abiy23 天 前

      Class HagioClass Hagio23 天 前
  • Kompany

    Suyog PangeniSuyog Pangeni23 天 前
  • This league has given us so many moments, best in the world for a reason♥️

    Sarthak KhareSarthak Khare23 天 前
    • La logs and Serie A>>>

      Mike JustinMike Justin23 天 前
    • I think it’s is serie a best league in world

      BaguettemanBaguetteman23 天 前

      Class HagioClass Hagio23 天 前
  • I really enjoyed watching these types of Premier League videos! Please upload more of these videos 🙏

    Nathan 69Nathan 6923 天 前

      Class HagioClass Hagio23 天 前
  • Kompany one of the best defenders in the Premier league history

    Bernardo Silva The G.O.A.TBernardo Silva The G.O.A.T23 天 前
    • Yess he sits amongst Kings 👌

      little dude from across the streetlittle dude from across the street22 天 前
  • How can they miss Ivanovic ? Man scored some great goals from defense. I swear, he used to love scoring in big games 😂😂💙

    Hasib RaiyanHasib Raiyan23 天 前
    • @Eoin McCann facts mate 😂😅

      Hasib RaiyanHasib Raiyan23 天 前
    • He's still in the league so possibly hasn't scored his last

      Eoin McCannEoin McCann23 天 前
    • Part 2 will come definitely

      Aadeeshvar SinghAadeeshvar Singh23 天 前
  • John Terry First Goal: when i was in Kinder Garden. John Terry Last Goal: when i was graduate from college. What a memory it was. Still remember it and proud to be Blue. Come on Chelsea.

    Pop IkuPop Iku23 天 前

      Class HagioClass Hagio23 天 前