Little magician Santi Cazorla

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Ahead of Arsenal vs Manchester City here’s a clip of the skilful Santi Cazorla.
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  • one and only

    Aaron TAaron T5 天 前
  • I will always support Arsenal, but I will never forgive them for giving up on Santi

    Mohammed FeerozMohammed Feeroz9 天 前
  • rubbish music

    bogdanmirzakabilovbogdanmirzakabilov9 天 前

    Ryan SnowRyan Snow11 天 前

    Ryan SnowRyan Snow11 天 前

    Ryan SnowRyan Snow11 天 前

    Ryan SnowRyan Snow11 天 前

    Ryan SnowRyan Snow11 天 前

    [4B03]FUNG CHEUK LAP [4B03]馮卓立[4B03]FUNG CHEUK LAP [4B03]馮卓立11 天 前
  • When he play againts big team arsenal always have a chance to win the game

    Cool GuyCool Guy12 天 前
  • We missed him when he got injured and we're missing him now that he's gone.

    46.56.A.46.56.A.12 天 前
  • Xaka is a better replacement then Santi cazorla

    Ken VerKen Ver12 天 前
  • Now, imagine if he a part of invincibles. He would've won a lot of titles...

    Shirosaki AyumuShirosaki Ayumu12 天 前
  • What happened to him? He just disappeared one season

    Cole LCole L12 天 前
  • He butchered half the team

    Aimen H. A.Aimen H. A.12 天 前
  • My yt channel where I will be reacting to football videos soon You can recommend me vids to watch

    Andre tries stuffAndre tries stuff12 天 前
  • Who else has also seen the video of his son? He is just like his father

    Kishan MKishan M12 天 前
  • Mind blowing skill 🔥🔥

    virgo wonderfulvirgo wonderful12 天 前
  • am sarced

    Odeta VaidilaiteOdeta Vaidilaite12 天 前
  • best league in the world!

    Ali KarahanAli Karahan12 天 前
  • Fact that Arsenal got this guy for like less than £13 million is insane. Absolute technically gifted talent. Equally good with both of his feets.

    Onmitsu KidOnmitsu Kid12 天 前
  • Cazorla the baller.

    Mads and HasssMads and Hasss12 天 前
  • What a player he is

    Joelie BoiJoelie Boi12 天 前
  • Good clip but what the fuck is this music

    cynshcynsh12 天 前
  • Why does this seem like a shitpost lol

    Luke627Luke62712 天 前

    محمد تايممحمد تايم12 天 前
  • he was class

    Daniel GumbezeDaniel Gumbeze12 天 前
  • Odegaard against man city

    Justin OkekeJustin Okeke12 天 前
  • He was so good.

    JavishanJavishan12 天 前
  • cazorla... rosicky... my idol

    수수팥떡수수팥떡12 天 前
  • Who told these sports media companies that this is the music we like.

    Peter WalkerPeter Walker12 天 前
  • i didnt expect the premier league to upload this he was quite a baller but so underrated its so heartwarming to see the pl showing some respect for underrated players

    Pererat GyangPererat Gyang12 天 前
  • Legend.

    김지후김지후12 天 前
  • PREM realises under 1 min vids are the ones😂

    A YA Y12 天 前
  • You know the player is good when their name sounds like a football skill

    Aadi GulatiAadi Gulati12 天 前
    • Ikr

      RaidzRaidz11 天 前
  • When the apprentice marketer at Sky is allowed to post for the 1st time on CNworld

    The DoctorThe Doctor12 天 前
  • 0:05 Martin Demichellis got absolutely destroyed

    Sandeep SahaSandeep Saha12 天 前
    • Got sent back to Malaga

      Kishan MKishan M12 天 前
  • What is that music wtf

    Mason BalogunMason Balogun12 天 前
    • Sounds like Dubstep on cocaine

      Nick-N-NelsNick-N-Nels12 天 前
  • Our guy😍so much love and respect for him🙏

    Jamuna BoseJamuna Bose12 天 前
  • Wtf is this video. Cropped vertically for a random reason, horrible music. Then you look under and realise it isn't some 12 year old kids channel... its the fucking official prem one. This is either some real fellow kids shit or just the worst admin possible.

    My Opinion Doesn't MatterMy Opinion Doesn't Matter12 天 前
  • Back when arsenal was good lol

    Timo WernerTimo Werner12 天 前
  • I ,mean it was just a wonderful control by Santi Cazorla, just like the ball has glue to his feet. Wonderful technique

  • We miss those sort of flair players

    S Shah AFCS Shah AFC12 天 前
  • Had to mute this

    V KV K12 天 前
  • Arsenal are lucky to having him

    HendriesantioHendriesantio12 天 前
    • What a beautifully constructed sentence, congratulations 👏

      Nick-N-NelsNick-N-Nels12 天 前
  • My friend is ok, no?

    ChrinoXChrinoX12 天 前
  • Hi premier league who do you think will win the league

    EVO_ HawkEVO_ Hawk12 天 前
  • Was that Lampard falling on his arse?

    Kirubel GirmayKirubel Girmay12 天 前
    • Yep

      jamell12345jamell1234512 天 前
  • Good luck Arsenal

    Tomas Haileab SolomonTomas Haileab Solomon12 天 前
  • Love to see that tackle from Silva

    ShoaibShoaib12 天 前
  • pls can i have a shoutout on your next vid because i really want to be famous

    Austin BagalwaAustin Bagalwa12 天 前
  • Very unnecessary music

    OSAOSA12 天 前
  • They don't make midfielders like him anymore

    Mr observerMr observer12 天 前
    • @Daniel Wahba 😂😂😂🤷🏾‍♂️

      NB AFCNB AFC12 天 前
    • @NB AFC u guys making it sound like midfielders r made in factories lol.

      Daniel WahbaDaniel Wahba12 天 前
    • They dont & COYG ❤️

      NB AFCNB AFC12 天 前
  • Wow, nice this player.

    Abdulrahman AlalawiAbdulrahman Alalawi12 天 前
  • Hazard >> Cazorla

    Rathurshan RajeekaranRathurshan Rajeekaran12 天 前
  • Arsenal had this kind of player and still couldn't won the league

    Bryan ElBryan El12 天 前
    • What a beautifully constructed sentence, congratulations 👏

      Nick-N-NelsNick-N-Nels12 天 前
  • 😳

    Rwichik BhattacharyyaRwichik Bhattacharyya12 天 前
  • One of the best midfielders

    A8. SldnA8. Sldn12 天 前
  • He trips and falls, dodges a tackle, misses a nutmeg but manages to keep it, then gets the ball taken by Demichelis (right after this clip ends). He was a fine midfielder, but what a silly clip.

    JakobJakob12 天 前
  • Wow

    Azizbek BagdaliyevAzizbek Bagdaliyev12 天 前
  • 😂💯🔥

    ZaidX7ZaidX712 天 前
  • dan im early

  • Wow

    Allexandre Dos SantosAllexandre Dos Santos12 天 前
  • He was a baller

    abdullahamr007 amrabdullahamr007 amr12 天 前
  • Truly the one of the best midfielders the world had seen

    Ibraheem NoorIbraheem Noor12 天 前
    • @Timo Werner second best team under tuchel? You’re deluded you’ve been shit for the majority of the season. Leicester are better than you on current form.

      NB AFCNB AFC6 天 前
    • @NB AFC are u okay in ur head u saying focuse on how shit my team is currently omg i think u got it twisted u clearly are just stupid we right now are slaying.We have the second best record in wins behind city only do u understand that.Haters gon hate but u can't hide from the truth

      Timo WernerTimo Werner6 天 前
    • @NB AFC u sound dumb man ,"my team is shit" we unbeaten we beat the best team in la liga lol what did arsenal do battle with benfica for a quarter final in uel😭😂😂🤫 listen here call your team good when URL win the uel league how many years are yourl still in der and still havent won wow. We the second best team in the EPL since tuchel came unbeaten only conceded 2 goals 6 wins no loses we've beaten atletico what have url done.

      Timo WernerTimo Werner6 天 前
    • @Timo Werner bro focus on how shit your team are currently. I’ll say this now if we change certain things on and off the pitch. We will bounce back. Title talk? That’s what you said and in my opinion we ain’t near that right now. But we can build slow get back into the top four, then go from there. I’m saying that with my chest out.

      NB AFCNB AFC6 天 前
    • @NB AFC when last did arsenal win the UCL or EPL the two main trophies for a football club i really can't remember when

      Timo WernerTimo Werner6 天 前
  • No one is first the first one to watch is the one who upload this video😎😎😎

    Lyndem UnitedLyndem United12 天 前
  • What a player

    Ryan HickmanRyan Hickman12 天 前
  • Tekkers 🤤🤤

    Imran AliImran Ali12 天 前
  • Loved this man what a baller. Technically he was very gifted. ❤️ one of the best players I’ve seen play for us in the Emirates Era. Joy to watch.

    NB AFCNB AFC12 天 前
  • He was decent

    SNI PlaysSNI Plays12 天 前
    • @NB AFC honestly it’s going alright but that 4-2 against Arsenal was not the best and the unfortunate own goal against wolves was bad Also thanks

      SNI PlaysSNI Plays12 天 前
    • @SNI Plays oh fair play & congratulations to you on your first season back in the prem. not doing badly if i say so myself. How have you found leeds season so far? 👀

      NB AFCNB AFC12 天 前
    • @NB AFC yeh I’m a Leeds fan but I do agree

      SNI PlaysSNI Plays12 天 前
    • @SNI Plays he was world class its a shame that we didnt win anything while he was there.

      NB AFCNB AFC12 天 前
    • @Nathaniel Reid tell me im lying.

      NB AFCNB AFC12 天 前
  • One of our best playmakers until injury😔

    Tre-Dupree WebsterTre-Dupree Webster12 天 前

    Bishal BaishyaBishal Baishya12 天 前
    • @Suman Dhamala .

      Vedasree LRVedasree LR12 天 前
    • I don't remember, what are you gonna do

      Suman DhamalaSuman Dhamala12 天 前
  • I miss santi 🙁🥺

    C. DavidC. David12 天 前
  • Little magician 😭🤣 if I was him I would be so offended rn

    Iseemtohave LostmynameIseemtohave Lostmyname12 天 前
    • @Iseemtohave Lostmyname ok 😂 dont see why he would be hurt but i hear you.

      NB AFCNB AFC12 天 前
    • @NB AFC just coz it's true doesn't mean its not hurtful 🤣

      Iseemtohave LostmynameIseemtohave Lostmyname12 天 前
    • Why it’s a compliment? And he’s not exactly the bfg is he?

      NB AFCNB AFC12 天 前
  • Incredible 🔥🔥🔥 He is dribbling 5️⃣players

    Lyndem UnitedLyndem United12 天 前
  • Injuries really affected him. What a magician. Cazorla Ramsey ozil Sanchez wilshere that was a great period

    Pranav ArunPranav Arun12 天 前
    • @NB AFC that's really furstrating as well as dissapointing

      Jamuna BoseJamuna Bose12 天 前
    • @Jamuna Bose when you put into perspective the amount of decisions we have made on and off the pitch and how its affecting us now. It will take a bit of time. Not to mention a owner who said he didnt buy a stake in arsenal to win trophies. Then it will get worse before it gets better unfortunately. 😴

      NB AFCNB AFC12 天 前
    • Days of enjoyment 😔hope someone can bring that back to Emirates soon

      Jamuna BoseJamuna Bose12 天 前
    • @Pranav Arun yeah I know its painful every time I think about it. However when you put into perspective the amount of people that were casting Leicester aside like garbage and doubting them. For them to win the league was fully deserved. One of the best success stories in recent times.

      NB AFCNB AFC12 天 前
    • @NB AFC that 2015/16 season was gold. Should have won the league. Only team to do the double over ranieri. If not for Girouds goalless run 😡

      Pranav ArunPranav Arun12 天 前
  • This player is very good

    KEKKOツ YTKEKKOツ YT12 天 前
  • Cazorla was one of the best midfielders ever to grace the football field, Iniesta wishes to clean his boots..........

    Aubama-Bloodclart-YangAubama-Bloodclart-Yang12 天 前
    • @Pandurang Gireesh cold g 🥶🥶

      Pranav ArunPranav Arun12 天 前
    • Arsenal fans deluded as always

      Matias KristensenMatias Kristensen12 天 前
    • @Loïc Kabasele 😐

      IvicaIvica12 天 前
    • David silva clear of both 🤝

      Loïc KabaseleLoïc Kabasele12 天 前
    • .

      Pandurang GireeshPandurang Gireesh12 天 前
  • 20th

  • Cult legend in the Premier League

    Chris_Of_EarthChris_Of_Earth12 天 前
    • @Pratyush Mishra one player can only do so much, and I don't think you know what a cult legend is.. and hes old AF now

      Chris_Of_EarthChris_Of_Earth12 天 前
    • If he were a cult legend ..... Arsenal shud hv won pl.....he is shit these days though

      Pratyush MishraPratyush Mishra12 天 前
  • Last time I was this early, Tottenham won a trophy

    Gaming ArmyGaming Army12 天 前
    • Lol 💯😂😂😂

      xxvbj Proxxvbj Pro5 天 前
    • 🤣

      salman ahjum-matheesalman ahjum-mathee12 天 前
    • @MrVoid 🤣🤣

      salman ahjum-matheesalman ahjum-mathee12 天 前
    • @whddnjs wjs are you a toxic mong? I think you are

      MrVoidMrVoid12 天 前
    • @MrVoid spur off losers to westham haha

      whddnjs wjswhddnjs wjs12 天 前
  • First one in the 🏘

    Max the gamer 23Max the gamer 2312 天 前
  • Really skillful man.

    Wai YanWai Yan12 天 前
  • Can't lace Raheem sterling's boots

    StephenStephen12 天 前
    • @NB AFC I'm talking about dribbling. Shut up stupid Arsenal fan.

      StephenStephen12 天 前
    • 😂😂😂😂 calm down youre the the b tec stephen Warnock. You wouldnt know quality if it slapped you in the face. Santi played in a different position to sterling. So how can you compare the two?

      NB AFCNB AFC12 天 前
  • First

    Kenny21KillerKenny21Killer12 天 前
  • If wishes were horses😭😭

    Brian lusuliBrian lusuli12 天 前
  • Que grande cazorla.

    El Roberto 2006El Roberto 200612 天 前
  • Hi

    Mario MukinMario Mukin12 天 前
  • Best freekik taker in primer league

  • Was a magician

    Muhammed Zaidaan SeedatMuhammed Zaidaan Seedat12 天 前
  • My word he’s good

    Million MathsMillion Maths12 天 前
  • Dog tho

    ExotixExotix12 天 前
  • He was a good footballer in his day

    mitch fullermitch fuller12 天 前
    • @Ronaldo Fan are you dumb what are you even saying you went from telling a random person in comments that messi and ronaldo is better then him to this

      Dawood YaqubDawood Yaqub11 天 前
    • @Dawood Yaqub santi cazorla is no longer able to play but messi and Ronaldo still

      Ronaldo FanRonaldo Fan12 天 前
    • @Ronaldo Fan lmao you are telling a random person on youtube that messi and ronaldo are better then him where is your logic lol

      Dawood YaqubDawood Yaqub12 天 前
    • @NB AFC messi and ronaldo is better than you

      Ronaldo FanRonaldo Fan12 天 前
    • @Ronaldo Fan would love to see him in the prem but its unlikely to happen imo

      NB AFCNB AFC12 天 前
  • Reply with your Arsenal vs Manchester City score prediction 👇

    Premier LeaguePremier League12 天 前
    • Empate a 2

      Kenny McCormickKenny McCormick12 天 前
    • 3-1 Man city

      ExotixExotix12 天 前
  • I miss Santi

    JJ 7 AubaJJ 7 Auba12 天 前
  • First

    Armija BosniaArmija Bosnia12 天 前
  • First

    Sam HellonSam Hellon12 天 前
  • First

    Sai krishnan PSai krishnan P12 天 前
  • Second

    hypxr _hypxr _12 天 前
  • Goal west ham

    bacon kingzbacon kingz12 天 前