Midfield Maestros' First & Last Premier League Goals | Paul Scholes, Gareth Barry & more!

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A compilation of midfielders' first and last goals scored in the Premier League featuring Paul Scholes (Manchester United), Gareth Barry (Aston Villa, Manchester City, Everton, West Bromwich Albion), Patrick Vieira (Arsenal, Manchester City), Xabi Alonso (Liverpool), Michael Ballack (Chelsea) and more!
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  • Only scholes? What about Giggs? Keane?

    Toby LeeToby Lee10 小时 前
  • Unpopular opinion. Steven Gerrard the greatest all round premier league midfielder of all time. YAYA TOURE 2ND BEST. Ahead of Scholes, Lampard, Vieira, Keane

    M. BisonM. Bison20 小时 前
  • damn I really missed Ballack

    Bilal AshrafBilal Ashraf2 天 前
  • Man. City legend Frank Lampard

    Jalu BimasaktiJalu Bimasakti2 天 前
  • Theres something so icky about the fact that lampards last goal in the prem was for city

    Cool Videos, ManCool Videos, Man3 天 前
  • Who is in charge of editing these compilations? And why do they sometimes include replays, and sometimes not? Why would anyone want to watch a compilation of great goals without the different angles?

    Cool Videos, ManCool Videos, Man3 天 前
  • The gerrard last one was just an insult 😂 the stoke defender was preferred to let him score

    EggmanjamesEggmanjames4 天 前
  • No Charlie Adams?

    EggmanjamesEggmanjames4 天 前

    Sir DopeSir Dope5 天 前
  • Okay, if Viera really meant to strike that between the 2 players, sa opposed to a hit & hope, how have I not seen that before, even if I want watching foot back then, it would back it better than Bergkamp or cisse

    Kurt SudheimKurt Sudheim5 天 前
  • What are Gareth Barry and Jermaine Jenas doing here...? Barry was a decent enough water carrier, but Jenas played in midfield and that was it. Nothing maestro going on there at all.

    Y KnotY Knot5 天 前
  • No Robert Lee?

    obrienoverthewallobrienoverthewall5 天 前
  • Who else was expecting Paul Scholes First or Last goal to be a power shot 😭😂

  • Michael Carrick ??

    Manas PhanseManas Phanse5 天 前
  • Kids: de bruyne, gundogan, henderson, maddison is the best midfield in pl Legends: paul scholes, lampard, xabi alonso

    Sukkk BenSukkk Ben6 天 前
  • 2:35 won’t hurt to smoke some weed

    reece carrollreece carroll6 天 前
  • If you look closely at the yaya toure goal you can see all three of Manchester cities fans

    T SmithT Smith6 天 前
  • Gareth barry??? Really?

    drunkenpig tntdrunkenpig tnt8 天 前
  • 한국인이다

    이준희이준희8 天 前
  • I just realised that there was a period where City fielded Lampard, David Silva, Yaya Toure and James Milner in midfield. Madness

    Wei Tzu ChinWei Tzu Chin9 天 前
    • Snuck in James Milner like we wouldn't notice.

      mopmop2 天 前
  • I thought ballack was jason bourne

    Wisesa AdityaWisesa Aditya9 天 前
  • Yohan cabaye a midfield maestro that's questionable🤔😬🤔

    skunkymonkey13skunkymonkey139 天 前
  • Anyone else completely forget Jenas played for qpr?

    AMW21AMW219 天 前
  • Midfield Maestros but you put Jermaine Jeans....

    J 23J 2310 天 前
  • cnworld.info/free/l3iinHXQx3x8rJo/sh-p-n

    海外サッカー情報局海外サッカー情報局11 天 前
  • Yohan cabaye instead Mikel arteta ?

    gusti husnulgusti husnul11 天 前
  • 7:28 the entire defence is broken. Those two passes fucked the entire defence. Kinda silly by the defender too to just follow his teammate for no reason

    Arnav MishraArnav Mishra12 天 前
  • When Cabaye and Jenas are in the list while players like Roy Keane or Essien are not lmao

    Wai Yan OoWai Yan Oo12 天 前
  • Why the fuck is Cabaye in there? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    spbxlspbxl13 天 前
  • gerrard last goal 😂😂

    yuddy yuddyyuddy yuddy13 天 前
  • Jenas and Cabaye, but not Tim Cahill?

    MarwanWayneMarwanWayne13 天 前
  • Notice Cantona when Scholes scores lmfaooo

    Harshith BhaskarHarshith Bhaskar15 天 前
  • No Le Tiss then!? So you’ll have in certain players that weren’t even that good, but won’t have the midfielder that was the first to hit 100 and scored more screamers than any other midfielder by a million miles!?

    Elijah KhairaElijah Khaira16 天 前
  • Both of Alonso's goals were absolute bangers.

    Deepak SharmaDeepak Sharma16 天 前
  • 2:26 There’s something just so satisfying about hearing Hull fans jeering and then Alonso immediately scoring afterwards.

    Tom GardnerTom Gardner16 天 前
  • If we need a part 2 then comment who you need to be there down below.

  • I love how Stoke's defenders just let Gerrard scored his last goal 😂 like "ah you're going to retire so this is our gift"

    Adhitya Insan NurizkyAdhitya Insan Nurizky17 天 前
  • Watching Gerrard's last goal hurts. He deserved a better send-off than that.

    Cian DolanCian Dolan17 天 前
  • This would be a lot more enjoyable if the music was from a planet I am familiar with.

    AndreasNVAndreasNV17 天 前
  • Frank Lampard first and last goal was not for chelsea how odd... Still a Blue legend

    Mebor MarbzMebor Marbz17 天 前
  • Hull City fans went from Yeahhhh😎😎😎to ohhhhh 😮😮😮

    Beuken PhomBeuken Phom17 天 前
  • ozil??

    Kumaresa Football GameplayKumaresa Football Gameplay17 天 前
  • Fabregas, a Chelsea great

    PratikPratik17 天 前
  • where is eyal berkovich and yossi Benyon

    אופיר דור אוןאופיר דור און17 天 前
  • The music is just despicable...

    Nick GirilovitchNick Girilovitch18 天 前
  • 👍

    Realistaa Sayed AliRealistaa Sayed Ali18 天 前
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    Raymond LewisRaymond Lewis18 天 前
  • Where's David Silva??? U guys tripping over or what???

    kotkot18 天 前
  • Yeah, that is also first & last midfielders goals.

    TheAmazingMaster029TheAmazingMaster02918 天 前
  • No Roy Keane. You must be kidding me.

    진세빈진세빈18 天 前
    • IKR

  • Should have jj okocha and roy keane imo

    • @Elijah Khaira yeah mate I also forgot because he played at Southampton he was also Xavi's idol

    • Along with Le Tiss!

      Elijah KhairaElijah Khaira16 天 前
  • Also feels weird that Scholes' goals consist of him not in his iconic no.18 shirt.

    switchback27switchback2718 天 前
  • I love how the PL has so many people from all around the world playing in it who agrees and how just watching these clips brings many of us together

    abdulahi aliabdulahi ali18 天 前

    Max PBMax PB18 天 前
  • Am i tripping or they didn’t include David Silva on this?

    Qwerty AS9Qwerty AS918 天 前
    • Overrated 🤷‍♂️

      King ArmishKing Armish12 天 前
  • Frank Lampard the Greatest Midfielder in Premier league history.

    Mayank VaghaniMayank Vaghani18 天 前
  • What about David silva?

    Harry WebsterHarry Webster18 天 前
  • So many memories... That's why the Premier League is the best league in the world. THANK YOU.

    Jack ShadowJack Shadow18 天 前
  • Barry midfield maestro?

    Pradyumna KakotyPradyumna Kakoty18 天 前
  • Hahahahahahaha Gareth Barry midfield maestro, furthest thing from it

    C WoodsC Woods18 天 前
  • 7:47 "...scored by No. 32, Yaya Toure!"

    guillezorroguillezorro18 天 前
  • Ballack was Chelsea through and through, he gave it his all, really loved that club.

    guillezorroguillezorro18 天 前
  • I knew Stevie was saved for last! Liverpool's Captain!! Leader!! Legend!! Always... and Forever... #Respect for all PL heroes! Credit where it is due...

    Aditya PresentationsAditya Presentations18 天 前
  • What a first goal Steven G😱

    Ahmet143 Hooyo143Ahmet143 Hooyo14318 天 前
  • Gerrard's first and last where great man...

    Moises EskenasyMoises Eskenasy18 天 前
  • Wᴀɴʏᴇ ʀᴏᴏɴᴇʏ ᴡʜᴀᴛ ᴀ ʟᴇɢᴇɴᴅ

    Are My dumbAre My dumb18 天 前
  • Don’t know how Paul scholes was so good, he registered less than 3 assists per season

    Daire McSorleyDaire McSorley18 天 前
    • He was an orchestrator. It isn't his job to provide assists or score goals but to make key passes and playmake from deep. Not every mid position is same . Gerrard was a box to box there fore he has to defend and both attack. While Lampard was quite a Hole player AMF. So in stats we can see that he has more goals. All were legends in their respective positions. Gerrard- Lampard- Scholes debate is quite stupid.

      KL11 LFCKL11 LFC18 天 前
    • Not his job

      Kyle CresswellKyle Cresswell18 天 前
  • should add giggs and beckham too

    YangBladYangBlad18 天 前
  • Carrick?

    Alex MayerAlex Mayer18 天 前
  • Lampard

    Shahid WillieShahid Willie18 天 前
  • Come on champions

    Matthew du SartMatthew du Sart18 天 前
  • No Beckham 🙄

    • Or Le Tiss

      Elijah KhairaElijah Khaira16 天 前
    • Maybe they'll make a part 2?

  • Lampard Legend of Chelsea Most goals scored for chelsea First goal -West Ham Last goal - City

    Arnav ShettyArnav Shetty18 天 前
  • Alonso is so underrated in terms of that generation of midfielders

    CDCD18 天 前
  • "PAUL SCHOLES STILL SCORES GOALS" I don't know why but I just really love that line, is it because it rhymes??

    DeadPoolDeadPool18 天 前
    • You can't hear he faintly pauses to get that line right, he prepared for that

      Kurt SudheimKurt Sudheim5 天 前
    • But like he said ... dun dun dun PAUL SCHOLES STILL SCORES GOALS commentary 2012 lol

      MrPenguinMrPenguin16 天 前
    • Paul Scores still scholes goals.

      Black Cotton In God EyesBlack Cotton In God Eyes17 天 前
  • How is Le Tiss not there?

    Bradley CrimbleBradley Crimble18 天 前
    • He was a striker wasn't he?

  • Am I the only one that didn’t know Patrick Viera played for Man City

    serhat 67serhat 6718 天 前
    • Me too

      Ayo AlabiAyo Alabi天 前
    • He was there for a short amount of time so fair

      Qwe QweQwe Qwe4 天 前
    • Probably! At least one of very few

      Kurt SudheimKurt Sudheim5 天 前
    • neither what the fuck

      Isaac MerkourisIsaac Merkouris7 天 前
    • Maybe because he was there for a short while

      Claver SsegawaClaver Ssegawa10 天 前
  • Premier league Forever the best of the best

    Lyrical JuiceLyrical Juice18 天 前
  • How can you miss David Silva, is it because he hasn't retired yet

    SrijithSrijith18 天 前
    • Along with the likes of Beckham or Le Tiss

      Elijah KhairaElijah Khaira16 天 前
    • Probably cuz he might even return to the premier league. Who knows.

      William ACWilliam AC16 天 前
  • Man!!!!!!!! Yohan Cabaye was Hella underrated

    Farida CanhamFarida Canham18 天 前
  • cnworld.info/free/fqqCx2ma1IOOyNE/sh-p-n

    Qamo AxmedovQamo Axmedov18 天 前
  • Hull fans: *jeer Xabi Alonso for hitting the wall* Xabi Alonso: "...and I took that personally"

    Ryan NurseRyan Nurse18 天 前
  • Gerrards last goal is too funny 🤣🤣🤣 defence literally gave up out of pity 🤣🤣🤣

    1886 AFC1886 AFC18 天 前
    • 😂😭

      Randy HuiRandy Hui18 天 前
  • Got to be Gerrard to close the video. The GOAT of midfield in premier league Era

    KiratoKirato18 天 前
    • Lol🤭

      King ArmishKing Armish12 天 前
  • Looks like Stoke purposely let Liverpool score...

    Sukhdev R34Sukhdev R3418 天 前
    • @Ali The beast They were 5-0 down at the time

      Aaaa BbbbAaaa Bbbb18 天 前
    • @Sukhdev R34 lol

      Ali The beastAli The beast18 天 前
    • @Ali The beast I know. Pretty sad lol.

      Sukhdev R34Sukhdev R3418 天 前
    • Because Liverpool were loosing 6-0 and it was the last game for Gerard so they let him score a goal for consolation and for his last career

      Ali The beastAli The beast18 天 前
  • Why is Jenas here?🤣

    Sukhdev R34Sukhdev R3418 天 前
  • cnworld.info/free/ko16m4fMsamouqs/sh-p-n

    Lap Lap Ricky FungLap Lap Ricky Fung18 天 前
  • The best league in the world😊

    JeremyAsidoJeremyAsido18 天 前
  • Watch my latest sleeping aid video! 🔥

    Dermot BradyDermot Brady18 天 前
  • I love premier leage

    תמר אלמוגתמר אלמוג18 天 前
    • League

      תמר אלמוגתמר אלמוג18 天 前
  • Gerard allowed in easily there by the stoke defenders

    DD18 天 前
  • Both Lampard first and last goal of PL are not from Chelsea

    alextofu07alextofu0718 天 前
  • Hull Fans' reaction of Alonso's goal: yeah->ohhh

    alextofu07alextofu0718 天 前
    • Hahaha That cracked me up 🤣😂

      abdulahi aliabdulahi ali18 天 前
  • David Beckham?

    Princess serestiaPrincess serestia18 天 前
  • I wish Havertz was like Ballack :(

    Duncan Sherman - Chelsea FanDuncan Sherman - Chelsea Fan18 天 前
  • Was at that Chelsea swansea game, bloody hell what a player fabregas was!

    Elliot JonesElliot Jones18 天 前
  • Premier League by name, ‘Premier’ League by nature

    Duncan Sherman - Chelsea FanDuncan Sherman - Chelsea Fan18 天 前
  • I didn’t know Viera played for City

    Duncan Sherman - Chelsea FanDuncan Sherman - Chelsea Fan18 天 前
  • Jermaine jenas played for QPR?

    Muhammad AsfihanieMuhammad Asfihanie18 天 前
    • How didn’t you know that?

      Aaaa BbbbAaaa Bbbb18 天 前
  • I miss all these players one day I will play win the premier league best league in the world

    Mason BalogunMason Balogun18 天 前