Saka names the BEST Premier League youngsters | Smith Rowe, Greenwood, James or Foden? | Uncut | AD

2021年02月 5日
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On this week’s episode of Uncut, David Meyler and Elz (the Witch) chat with @Arsenal midfielder Bukayo Saka. The trio discuss Saka’s Ultimate Teammate featuring Emile Smith Rowe, Gabriel Martinelli, Mason Greenwood, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Reece James and Phil Foden, how it felt for the youngster to score his first Arsenal goal, what it was like meeting Mesut Ozil, Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, whether he meant his goal against Chelsea and more!
Elz also reveals the Premier League players featured in the Team of the Week!
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  • Stop talking about Ultimate Team please.

    Jigme WangchukJigme Wangchuk2 天 前
  • So who are the other teenagers in the league ???

    Dancehall EntertainmentDancehall Entertainment3 天 前
  • What is a initiation song ??

    Alexander LlewellynAlexander Llewellyn9 天 前
    • Suhuur Ooo my bad but thx anyway 😂🤣

      Alexander LlewellynAlexander Llewellyn7 天 前
    • @Alexander Llewellyn ur welcome I’m not a guy tho 😂 btw you can type arsenal players initiation songs on CNworld some other clubs do it too lol

      Suhuur OooSuhuur Ooo7 天 前
    • Suhuur Ooo thx bro 💙

      Alexander LlewellynAlexander Llewellyn7 天 前
    • Every new player or player who goes into the first team have to sing in front of the team and staff etc

      Suhuur OooSuhuur Ooo7 天 前
  • B is gonna be a legend

    Aaron AberdeenAaron Aberdeen9 天 前
  • The premier league..... Best place to be❤️❤️❤️

    Praise WodiPraise Wodi10 天 前
  • No doubt Saka is the best young player plus if Arsenal don’t be care a big club is going to come and snatch him up.

    Gang BangGang Bang12 天 前
  • Yakub Saka ! He will leave his statue outside the stadium ...

    Mwagosi ErickMwagosi Erick12 天 前
  • I honestly believe sake will hit 15 goals and 15 assists tbh. The kid is balling 🔥

    H 7H 714 天 前
  • 11

    Katumba GeofreyKatumba Geofrey14 天 前
  • Haha love that Saka is so serious. It makes it a bit funny. You don't know if here is sarcastic or not :)

    marcusezikelmarcusezikel15 天 前
  • It's burna boy songs being played in the locker room for me

    Chidera paschal EzehChidera paschal Ezeh15 天 前
  • 100 % Saka No Debate

    Janky DausatJanky Dausat15 天 前
  • It’s not limited, it’s limited to pack not have lol

    Kayden TeelKayden Teel15 天 前
  • Yo!! The best young player in the pl❤🙌

    AH ProductionsAH Productions15 天 前
    • Foden’s better

      cogamers84cogamers8414 天 前
  • how many goals will saka score? I genuinely think he'll hit 15+

    Arsenal4LyfArsenal4Lyf16 天 前
  • I think he'll score at least 13 goals in the Premier League ...come on Saka

    Ridwan CaalinRidwan Caalin16 天 前
  • yo is that elz the witch

    Omar AbdiOmar Abdi16 天 前
  • phil foden and TTA can''t be matched.

    Omar AbdiOmar Abdi16 天 前
  • Saka🔥

    Ferdian SaputraFerdian Saputra17 天 前
  • its all about longevity and consistency. we will judge them in few years time.Anything can happen in the world of football. I remember jack wilshere was the next best thing and you can see how his football career turned out to be so lets wait and see. Maybe another player will surpass them all, a player who is a late developer

    jamal jamaljamal jamal17 天 前

    John VennellJohn Vennell17 天 前
  • what songs are played in the dressing room? dutchavelli and tion wayne

    Zain AkramZain Akram17 天 前
  • my guess is 8-10 goals

    Akhil BagcheeAkhil Bagchee18 天 前
  • 40 goals

    Drake KatwesigyeDrake Katwesigye18 天 前
  • aa

    OforiOfori18 天 前
  • I like Saka

    Meek DavMeek Dav18 天 前
  • 15 goals

    Matthews KumwendaMatthews Kumwenda18 天 前
  • Saka is a delight on and off the field. He achieved four A stars and 2 As in his GCSEs. A fine example to every young man and aspiring footballers.

    Vivien MCVivien MC18 天 前
  • next star!!!

    נועם גלסנועם גלס19 天 前
  • 14:55 he wanted to laugh

    DomjayceonDomjayceon19 天 前
  • Foden is the best Youngster itl but he is defo 2nd

    Jack WoodsJack Woods20 天 前
  • saka and foden hands down.

    Mesut OzilMesut Ozil20 天 前
  • 12

    Michael CarterMichael Carter20 天 前
  • Probably like 12 goals in all comps

    Nozi MonaisaNozi Monaisa20 天 前
  • 3:01 I'm going change the rate to 99

    HXHfanHXHfan21 天 前
  • is trent just not classed as young no more?

    jordanjordan21 天 前
    • He’s youngish. 22

      cogamers84cogamers8414 天 前
  • interviewer is so dead

    capespring.capespring.21 天 前
  • Lol, fodens dribbling is miles better than sakas

    Achraf AboudreisAchraf Aboudreis21 天 前
  • Saka: "Shooting? Mason Greenwood." Game recognize game.

    Alamsyah Jeremy HasudunganAlamsyah Jeremy Hasudungan21 天 前
  • He’ll have scored 11 and assisted 11 by the end of this Prem season

    Sam DSam D21 天 前
  • hes such a humble and nice guy, its incredible

    Lukas LeyLukas Ley21 天 前
  • 13 lets hope its lucky 13

    Seven DaysSeven Days21 天 前
  • No need to argue about who the best youngster is. Let's just appreciate their talent and support all of them.

    Timothy: YBN GabrianTimothy: YBN Gabrian21 天 前
  • 30

    Henry CrucefixHenry Crucefix21 天 前
  • I thought pancake day was yesterday

    WillWill22 天 前
  • Saka knows ball

    A. GA. G22 天 前
  • Did anyone here actually listen to the q and a? Lol i spent the whole tinlme loooking at the girl with long curly luxurious blonde hair 😍 lol

    R CR C22 天 前
  • Saka so articulate. Love when footballers actually engage and have something to add to interviews. He’s a fan favorite for a reason love that boy

    Gabriel MoralesGabriel Morales22 天 前
  • Pleasant itw with footballers are so rare now, with chill interesting people. Really enjoyed this one!

    gautier hgautier h22 天 前
  • Saka&Foden....E.Smith Rowe...Greenwood...

    Damian KellyDamian Kelly22 天 前
  • When you have talent and humble attitude, i think it's absolute win.

    FanserkerFanserker22 天 前
    • Saka is among amazing future English players he pass Michael Owens steps am the Arsenal fans without saka Ana and martinell as well as Smith Rowe arsenal is not at good way against their rivals

      Juma ShokeJuma Shoke17 天 前
  • can we just appreciate how amazing the talent is of these players🙌🏽🙌🏽

    faith jones xxxfaith jones xxx22 天 前
  • Why you didn't put jese lingardhino?

    Helda HermawanHelda Hermawan22 天 前
  • Saka

    lacag ku qaado ku soo biiritanka chanalkaanlacag ku qaado ku soo biiritanka chanalkaan22 天 前
  • Thought pancake day was yesterday

    Will McKenzieWill McKenzie22 天 前
  • I was like: He sounds Irish, he sounds like David Meyler! Oh, wait, it is David Meyler!

    Mo RehbeinMo Rehbein22 天 前
  • Subtitle please in cc

    Lokataru InsideLokataru Inside23 天 前
  • I love foden. He is absolutely fantastic. He is one hell of a player you will enjoy watching

    Lomam ki NgibukuiLomam ki Ngibukui23 天 前
  • He will be special he already is but he will be one of the best world one day

    Aaron HosieAaron Hosie23 天 前
  • Mason Greenwood >

    Jovan GunawanJovan Gunawan23 天 前
  • Greenwood is Better

    Jovan GunawanJovan Gunawan23 天 前

    Jeet KaurJeet Kaur23 天 前
  • Premier League is best league

    MilenixMilenix23 天 前
  • Bukayo saka is going to score 23 goals.

    Ibrahim KargboIbrahim Kargbo23 天 前
    • I am from Sierra Leone West Africa.

      Ibrahim KargboIbrahim Kargbo23 天 前
  • Awsome

    Reporter Kampung 87Reporter Kampung 8723 天 前
  • Saka too score at least 12-16 goals

    MmmMmm23 天 前
  • 17

    daniel hannessdaniel hanness23 天 前
  • 11

    Modou Lamin DarboeModou Lamin Darboe23 天 前
  • I don’t think Saka knows Meyler acc used to play “what would be your initation song” lol

    Patrick GriffinPatrick Griffin23 天 前
  • Non of EPL referees going to euros next year 😂😂😂😂 Fully shambolic 😂

    Dildaman CheemaDildaman Cheema23 天 前
  • 13

    Milano BMilano B23 天 前
  • saliba defo makes him feel more comfortable😫😫😏

    Tiago1Tiago123 天 前
  • Love his attitude, its infectious and so humble, hope he stays with Arsenal for years to come. Deserves the world 🙏🙏

    Born SinnerBorn Sinner23 天 前
  • Deserved THIS!! Been Best teenager for a while But OFFICIAL this at the moment. Been balling for Arsenal since 17yrs old. Wish nothing but the best 🙏🙏

    Born SinnerBorn Sinner23 天 前
  • Whose the Fitty on the... LEFT

    Born SinnerBorn Sinner23 天 前
  • Saka 🔥🌶️

    King BoozKing Booz23 天 前
  • 21

    1234 56781234 567823 天 前
  • Even if he scores non but makes impact every game....that's what I want from him🔥🙏

    HikumsutoHikumsuto23 天 前
  • AWB is 23... Tanguy Ndombele is 24, eligible for YPOTY.

    Jake frankelJake frankel23 天 前
    • Then rashford and trent should be too

      0_00_02 天 前
  • Debate: Whos the best player not at one of the big teams My answer is jack grealish

    Jake SCOTTJake SCOTT23 天 前
    • @Abi Cruise good to know city isn’t a big team

      Tacky Tuesdays!Tacky Tuesdays!21 天 前
    • Foden 🤣

      Abi CruiseAbi Cruise22 天 前
  • Philll Foddeeeennnn♥️♥️♥️

    Saiber RajSaiber Raj23 天 前
  • 23 goals

    xx_ash_ proxx_ash_ pro23 天 前
  • You can’t hate Saka

    James ThomasJames Thomas23 天 前
  • This kid makes me so proud to be an arsenal fan😭😭😭

    James ThomasJames Thomas23 天 前
  • Saka said 9.5 but foden destroyed him still like saka

    omar abdirisaqomar abdirisaq23 天 前
  • What are the presenters’ names?

    Takis SolomonidesTakis Solomonides23 天 前
  • Very Confident and Intelligent donny, top baller. What else can you ask for. My starboy

    HenriHenri24 天 前
  • he’s defo tinging that bird

    Tyler StantonTyler Stanton24 天 前
  • He deserves it 🅱️🤞🏾

    Jojo KingJojo King24 天 前
  • rob blackdini

    SWED0940 _SWED0940 _24 天 前
  • Why does David hate Bukayo???

    Oskar LindqvistOskar Lindqvist24 天 前
  • Foden the best

    ben tuikharben tuikhar24 天 前
  • callum hudson odoi is clear

    spaghettispaghetti24 天 前
  • 18

  • Saka's face = Zouma's.

    Rahmat H.Rahmat H.24 天 前
  • What a talent this boy is.. 10 goals seems achievable this season for him!

    Arjit JereArjit Jere24 天 前
  • Foden is the best

    Ellis AllenEllis Allen24 天 前
  • Humble lad. Just hope he continues to get better🔴🔥

    mayton millermayton miller24 天 前
  • mmm no one gonna talk about elz

    ZSWZSW24 天 前
  • I think he will score 12 goals

    Jonathan MasubaJonathan Masuba24 天 前