DUTCH DELIGHT! Who’s the Premier League’s best ever player from the Netherlands? 🇳🇱

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Welcome to Around the World, a series showcasing some of the best players and moments from Premier League history. Episode three explores the Netherlands and features Virgil van Dijk (Southampton, Liverpool), Dennis Bergkamp (Arsenal), Robin van Persie (Arsenal, Manchester United), Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink (Leeds United, Chelsea, Middlesbrough, Charlton Athletic) and more!
Who’s the Premier League’s best ever player from the Netherlands? Let us know in the comments.
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  • Van Nistelrooy & Bergkamp

    MvG040MvG04012 小时 前
  • Jaat stam

    Akansha AroraAkansha Arora天 前
  • Van Persie and van nisterroy

    Akansha AroraAkansha Arora天 前
  • bergkamp

    Herbie WaresHerbie Wares天 前
  • Ruud van Nistelrooy remains the greatest Dutch name of all time

    RedHeadRedemptionRedHeadRedemption2 天 前
  • Bergkamp. Bergkamp. Bergkamp.

    Kunal GuptaKunal Gupta2 天 前
  • Denis Bergkamp , and burn the list below him

  • The awesome cheese unfortunately last because tent longitudinally copy beneath a obsequious camp. cluttered, capricious okra

    Tiago BogadoTiago Bogado4 天 前
  • More of this please... You could do for my country Nigeria next

    Yomi NateYomi Nate4 天 前
  • Dutch players are the best

    Anon SomeoneAnon Someone4 天 前
  • I'm dutch and love watching the premier league, hope Man city wins the title !

    Anon SomeoneAnon Someone5 天 前
  • RvP, Van Nistelrooy and Bergkamp were all great

    Youri VYouri V6 天 前
  • Bergkamp

    Shaheen JohnsonShaheen Johnson7 天 前
  • mine is van Persie

    Anita DeosaranAnita Deosaran7 天 前
  • RVP any day.

    Raghav SharmaRaghav Sharma8 天 前
  • For me it was van persie and robben+ bergkamp was a total beast

    Keanu BezuidenhoudtKeanu Bezuidenhoudt8 天 前
  • Van Persie

    I Wayan Bayu WicakcanaI Wayan Bayu Wicakcana8 天 前
  • van de Beek

    Russell VanderwoudeRussell Vanderwoude8 天 前
  • Bergkamp enough said.

    Brandon BaylissBrandon Bayliss8 天 前
  • Bergkamp is the reason why I fell in love with the Arsenal, so the answer is clear

    Antoniy LaskinAntoniy Laskin8 天 前
  • Since Bergkamp may be the best premier League player ever, there's no doubt he's the best dutch player.

    Bobby K BobetteBobby K Bobette10 天 前
  • That’s an easy one.. Glen Helder of course!

    Jay Mak1Jay Mak111 天 前
  • Best goalscorer was Ruud. RVP a close second. Overall best player Bergkamp by some way.

    Peter CorcoranPeter Corcoran11 天 前
  • There’s no debate here, Dennis Bergkamp has no equal in the EPL

    Crypto BellzCrypto Bellz11 天 前
  • Bergkamp is the most underrated player in history, let alone the Premier League

    Ma'az ShaikhMa'az Shaikh11 天 前
  • Timothy Krul is mine or Wijnaldum guess who i support

    SausageSamSausageSam13 天 前
  • Obvious Bergkamp is obvious

    Ollie DuracellOllie Duracell14 天 前
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    Paddy McguinessPaddy Mcguiness14 天 前
    • Thanks luiz.+

      Paddy McguinessPaddy Mcguiness14 天 前
  • Great players!

    NNNN15 天 前
  • Do one on the best Englishman and you'll start an all out war

    Z VZ V15 天 前
    • Facts, but I think they will never do on that

      Hasib RaiyanHasib Raiyan5 天 前
  • Dennis ftw

    martini668martini66816 天 前
  • 1. Van der sar 2. Bergkamp 3. RvP 4. Overmars 5. VvD

    Matteo MatteoMatteo Matteo17 天 前
  • maybe you can do shorter videos for nations that didn't have some many players like Romania🇷🇴

    MasterplaYMasterplaY18 天 前
  • Bergkamp anyday 🙌

    Ashraf ChangaziAshraf Changazi18 天 前
  • Ruud van Nistelrooy

    Еркебулан КабдулшариповЕркебулан Кабдулшарипов18 天 前
  • Pls do Ghana next

    ATN FootballATN Football18 天 前
  • cnworld.info/free/ko16m4fMsamouqs/sh-p-n Ik

    Lap Lap Ricky FungLap Lap Ricky Fung18 天 前
  • do about germany for next vid

    • Yes so many greats from there. Ballack, Ozil, Lehmann just to name a few

      Qwe QweQwe Qwe4 天 前
  • I would say virgil

    ArthurMorgan !!!ArthurMorgan !!!19 天 前
  • No best player-Maarten Stekelenburg

    inderjit chahalinderjit chahal19 天 前
  • Denis Bergkamp but where is Overmars!?!? Only in assissts list!!

    Hakob HakobyanHakob Hakobyan19 天 前
  • Up the slugs

    NimNim19 天 前
  • 💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥i think its bergkamp❤️❤️

    adham alahiadham alahi20 天 前
  • It depends on position. Goalkeeper Edwin. Defender Virgil. Midfield GEORGINIO. Striker Dennis/Robin. But if I had to pick 1 it would have to be Dennis. Enough said.

    Ethen GreenEthen Green20 天 前
  • I think Van dar sar and bergkamp..

    Aayush RohillaAayush Rohilla20 天 前
  • Robin Van Persie and Van Nistelrooy

    Jeremy AguilarJeremy Aguilar20 天 前
  • Bergkamp by far

    Dennis EmberlandDennis Emberland20 天 前
  • for me its jimmy floyd

    Everything Is AwesomeEverything Is Awesome20 天 前
  • Bergkamp

    Operation BababooeyOperation Bababooey20 天 前
  • James and Rambo ❤🤩🥳

    Safwan AhmedSafwan Ahmed20 天 前
  • DVD is the best!!! Danielle Van De Donk

    milflover33milflover3320 天 前
  • Van nistelrooy by far

    Ben WatkinsBen Watkins21 天 前
  • I watch almost every match, love the videos, best league

    Itz GirrafzItz Girrafz21 天 前
  • do abt spain

  • If he walked on snow , he wouldn't leave footprints - Dennis Bergkamp

    Shakti Singh BaisShakti Singh Bais21 天 前
    • If Robbie Fowler walked on snow, he wouldn't left any lines.

      Hasib RaiyanHasib Raiyan21 天 前
  • Does Van der Gouw not exist anymore?

    max2173max217321 天 前
  • I'd say Bergkamp followed by Hasselbaink and RVP

    LifeskeyishappinessLifeskeyishappiness21 天 前
    • Overmars Van Nistlerooy miles ahead of Jimmy

      Nigel BNigel B20 天 前
  • Bergkamp > messi

    lil Prima00lil Prima0021 天 前
  • Bergkamp.

    Ronan DayRonan Day21 天 前
  • Shout out James Lawrence Alcott

    Big LemzBig Lemz21 天 前
  • Go on Jim

    Sam BryanSam Bryan21 天 前
  • Hello to all the fellow slugs!

    Carl SpanksCarl Spanks21 天 前
  • Best Dutch positions: Goalkeeper - Van Der Sar Defender - Virgil Van Dijk Midfielder - Overmars Attacker - Berkamp

    Trystan GrantTrystan Grant21 天 前
  • Though I love "our guys" van der Sar, van Nistelrooy and Stam, Bergkamp is the only "correct answer"

    Markus VilenMarkus Vilen21 天 前
  • Bergkamp just on his longevity alone. All the others here had like 3/4 seasons at the top at most. Bergkamp did it for a decade

    chas farthingchas farthing21 天 前
  • Dennis Bergkamp Ruud Van Nistelrooy Robin Van Persie top 3

    GulaknikovGulaknikov21 天 前
  • Bergkamp without a doubt

    Alex AVFC LinehamAlex AVFC Lineham21 天 前
  • Slugs

    Simon ChillwellSimon Chillwell21 天 前
  • Very proud to lend my voice to this series. The Premier League has such a history!!!

    James Lawrence AllcottJames Lawrence Allcott21 天 前
    • You have a great voice, hope that you and the Premier League make more videos of this series.

      Hasib RaiyanHasib Raiyan21 天 前
  • 1. Bergkamp, 2.van der sar, 3.rvp

    moza arsenalmoza arsenal21 天 前
  • Van Persie

    pinpotiepinpotie21 天 前
  • Or bergkamp

    Shane O'NeillShane O'Neill21 天 前

    Shane O'NeillShane O'Neill21 天 前
  • Edwin van der Sar's Best Saves for Fulham, here ⬇️

    Hasib RaiyanHasib Raiyan21 天 前
    • cnworld.info/free/cZ6F1p28t3ps3JI/sh-p-n

      Hasib RaiyanHasib Raiyan21 天 前
  • Berkamp

    Benny PokemonBenny Pokemon21 天 前
  • Gullit

    Williams GWilliams G21 天 前
  • Good to see boateng in here , quality player

    King RodneyKing Rodney21 天 前
  • Next spain

    12B05 Bhadri Narayanan12B05 Bhadri Narayanan21 天 前
  • Bergkamp for sure

    A87 editz FootballA87 editz Football21 天 前
  • For me it's Van nistelrooy

    HerrBratwurstHerrBratwurst21 天 前
  • Of course van persie. Fancy goals. COYG

    Wan Mohd AminuddeenWan Mohd Aminuddeen21 天 前
  • Hasselbaink or stam

    Kyle MatthewsKyle Matthews21 天 前
  • van dijk is best

    Abhishtha AbhiAbhishtha Abhi21 天 前
  • The fallacious gum firstly cover because step-aunt laterally notice within a magnificent dictionary. true, piquant dentist

    Magan AngMagan Ang21 天 前
  • Virgil obviously.

    Shyam DattaniShyam Dattani21 天 前
  • Van persie ia not an arsenal legend

    Arn NaulArn Naul22 天 前
  • Where's Arjen Robben ???

    Quabena MonsterQuabena Monster22 天 前
  • If VVD continuous the same he will be Considered best ever

    Rosish KatuwalRosish Katuwal22 天 前
    • By who ? Liverpool Fans 🤣🤣🤣.

      Nigel BNigel B20 天 前
  • Robin Van-Persie is by far the best of them all for me. Even though he left us (Arsenal) for Manchester United, I wouldn't blame him for he was desperate to win the English Premier League title.

    Precious JomaruPrecious Jomaru22 天 前
  • Bergkamp, overmars, van dijk, rvp and everybody else

    Rohan VyasRohan Vyas22 天 前
  • Robin van Persie of course

    Dennis AchterbergDennis Achterberg22 天 前
  • Vvd the best Dutch

    D7 MUTD7 MUT22 天 前
  • Kuyt

    Knut GullhaugKnut Gullhaug22 天 前
  • Bergkamp is clearly the winner even by looking at the comments and being real Bergkamp easy

    Ahmad PatelAhmad Patel22 天 前
  • RvP

    Adnan Özgür ÇelikAdnan Özgür Çelik22 天 前
  • Bergkamp and van der Sar.

    Marco MBMarco MB22 天 前
  • Virgil van dijk

    Zahiraah JandooZahiraah Jandoo22 天 前
  • Pascal Struijk

    Dafuq MartinDafuq Martin22 天 前

    Rahav RajaRahav Raja22 天 前
  • makalele role

    theo man1theo man122 天 前