When the assist is BETTER than the goal | Premier League | Ronaldo + Rooney, Firmino + Salah & more!

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A compilation of incredible Premier League assists. This video features Mesut Ozil & Alexandre Lacazette (Arsenal vs Crystal Palace), Roberto Firmino & Mohamed Salah (Liverpool vs Newcastle United), Cristiano Ronaldo & Wayne Rooney (Sheffield United vs Manchester United), Frank Lampard & Didier Drogba (Bolton Wanderers vs Chelsea), Dimitri Payet & Michail Antonio (West Ham United vs Watford), Grzegorz Krychowiak & Jay Rodriguez (Everton vs West Bromwich Albion), James Maddison & Jamie Vardy (Sheffield United vs Leicester City) and more!
Which player made the best assist? Let us know in the comments.
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  • Which goals should we include in part 2? 👇

    Premier LeaguePremier League个月 前
    • @Wallace Edgar Awesome! Took roughly 15 minutes but it actually worked!!

      Jose LaytonJose Layton天 前
    • David Silva +Aguero

      Ayush SinhaAyush Sinha天 前
    • Mahrez weak foot first touch assist to Vardy against man city 4-2

      El-Haythem berrahalEl-Haythem berrahal4 天 前
    • Every bruno assist

      Froyd AsmamawFroyd Asmamaw6 天 前
  • What's the title of the music?

    Djounayd Abdool RaheemDjounayd Abdool Raheem2 小时 前
  • The cook and smith goal the goal was better than the assist

    Daniel FallonDaniel Fallon19 小时 前
  • Surprised the rashford flip flap assist isnt on here

    Reece DaviesReece Davies天 前
  • Why Serie A has more than 6 millions subscribers on CNworld? But PL has only 1.6 m

    Bipin AleBipin Ale2 天 前
  • That Sterling goal against Arsenal shouldnt have been given. Silva was offside, trying to affect the play. What a shit show!

    Abhishek DharAbhishek Dhar2 天 前
  • 5:58 where is the goalie going LOL

    Good SportGood Sport2 天 前
  • Bannan and chamakh one at the end 🤔 not sure i would have included that one given the options

    Turbo 86Turbo 863 天 前
  • Half the goals wouldn't have counted today. VAR :D

    cokiesucokiesu3 天 前
  • the cook and smith goal the goal was deffo better

    That Bloke DanThat Bloke Dan4 天 前
  • 2:53 Black magic fuckery from the Bulgarian. Truly the master of first touch

    Deepanshu SharmaDeepanshu Sharma4 天 前
  • Drogba off 🐸☕️

    G KG K4 天 前
  • That Ronaldo Rooney one is cringe, Ronaldo is clearly looking to flick it to the runner on the left and just gets lucky.

    Matt StittMatt Stitt4 天 前
  • Pogba X Rashford

    Navish AcharNavish Achar4 天 前
  • 2:00 even David Coot would've deemed that offside in a VAR room. Just goes to show that VAR is ruining the prem:)

    Rasmus LindRasmus Lind4 天 前
  • that ronaldo backheel to rooney was definitely not meant for him hahaha

    Logan ButlerLogan Butler5 天 前
  • You forgot the best pass made by torres to gerrard

    Grzegorz MyszorGrzegorz Myszor5 天 前
  • drogba was offside 2:02

    john cenajohn cena5 天 前
  • If this came out some weeks later the salah and firmino combination would've appeared twice

    kids Erivonakids Erivona7 天 前
  • I'm pretty sure Smith's goal is better than cook's assist or at least on par with it

    kids Erivonakids Erivona7 天 前
  • How beautiful was arsenal playing damn

    Awais Ali AbbasiAwais Ali Abbasi7 天 前
  • anyone see that Propper from Brighton against man u looks like jack grealish

    ben collinsben collins7 天 前
  • people say firmino is the worst player for liverpool but ur wrong as well he is a play maker and doesnt always have to score. he has helped us so much and even that goal from salah and him showed how good he is. so stop hating Firmino he is the best player maker probs if u look at what he has done properly.

    ben collinsben collins7 天 前
  • cant believe that milner played for man city what was in his mind. :(

    ben collinsben collins7 天 前
  • cnworld.info/free/ZpSH3ZW9t2OMr80/sh-p-n&ab_channel=FCBayernM%C3%BCnchen

    Zaid AljundiZaid Aljundi7 天 前
  • Kerem ereal 27

    kadri erkalkadri erkal9 天 前
  • cnworld.info/free/aKOZy4Wm3Yd6mrM/sh-p-n

    Enrique BerumenEnrique Berumen9 天 前
  • Funny how a third of these goals would've been ruled out because of VAR. Killing the game

    Kabir SachdevKabir Sachdev10 天 前
  • Wheres the one rooney assist van persie?

    Saya NashSaya Nash10 天 前
  • No hate on him, but Drogba's goal was offside.

    Muhammad AmeruddinMuhammad Ameruddin10 天 前
  • cnworld.info/free/h6CErJ3RxKVvsqc/sh-p-n

    Ankit LamicchaneAnkit Lamicchane10 天 前
  • VAR would’ve ruined beautiful football by ruling out Wilshere’s goal by fingertips. So glad VAR wasn’t there.

    Hrasva LatavskaHrasva Latavska10 天 前
  • Richard Dunne getting done. Not for the first time either.

    Super DukezSuper Dukez10 天 前
  • drogba was offside!!!!

    Unexpected TVUnexpected TV10 天 前
  • That ball boy sitting behind the goal, was scared for his life, when Vardy put so much power in that shot🤣🤣🤣

    Jeremy AntonJeremy Anton10 天 前
  • Ronaldo's was clearly meant for evra haha

    Lee ArchibaldLee Archibald11 天 前
  • Suarez doesn’t want to give the goal to kyut 😂😂

    Indrajit GangulyIndrajit Ganguly11 天 前
  • fabregas in the prem isnt talked about enough

    Elmer CarbajalElmer Carbajal11 天 前
  • 6:00 the assist was soo good that even the opposition goalkeeper is celebrating it!!!

    Yash KanekarYash Kanekar11 天 前
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    lab233hik ;far'rohlab233hik ;far'roh11 天 前
  • 1. why van der sar celebrate suarez goal?😭 2. Luis Garcia just like one of the most badass name of footballer

    kim deal goddesskim deal goddess11 天 前
  • "When the assist is better than the goal", it is, always is !

    Thanh LaThanh La11 天 前
  • Ronaldo was lowkey passing Evra 🤣😂🤣

    Ndabenhle PhiriNdabenhle Phiri11 天 前
  • 0:41 the best pass ever

    Leonjre AwaniLeonjre Awani11 天 前
  • Gerrard's pass to Sturridge against Fulham for the equaliser should have been included

    kenneth echezonakenneth echezona12 天 前
  • Isn't funny how all these beautiful goals occured before the VAR era. VAR is ruining football

    MoMeshMoMesh12 天 前
  • Ronaldos assist is genius

    Rico MansosRico Mansos12 天 前
  • Cristiano and rooney ❤️

    Sevdiğini SöyleyemeyenSevdiğini Söyleyemeyen13 天 前
  • Bro half of the goals are offside if the VAR was there u will dont see lot of this goals

    ARMY vARMY v13 天 前
  • I waited for the David silva assist vs man utd

    Sifen GetinetSifen Getinet13 天 前
  • The cooperative plantation preferentially inject because use jointly matter onto a ten icon. combative, long magazine

    Gerard LigondeGerard Ligonde13 天 前
  • Var would have cancelled drogba and lampards goal ffs

    Rohan WankhedeRohan Wankhede13 天 前
  • Ronaldo was not supposed to pass it to Rooney, I think.

    Jithin PurushothamanJithin Purushothaman13 天 前
  • Gerard ➡️ Sturridge vs Fulham had to be included.

    Oneil ForsehOneil Forseh14 天 前
  • Arsenal literally have the best team goals in the history of the Barclays. Wilshere vs Norwich, Ramsey vs Fulham, Aubameyang vs Leicester.

    Oneil ForsehOneil Forseh14 天 前
  • Did anyone notice drogba was offside?

    Jackie RuwalaJackie Ruwala14 天 前
    • 01:52

      Jackie RuwalaJackie Ruwala14 天 前
  • I don’t think the Bournemouth assist was better than the goal

    The GoatThe Goat14 天 前

    Ciise Xaaji CabdiCiise Xaaji Cabdi14 天 前
  • The tranquil stopsign remarkably wink because animal reciprocally fax below a incandescent kendo. threatening, venomous magic

    lab233hik ;far'rohlab233hik ;far'roh14 天 前
  • i think my video is broken there are no rory delap long throws

    Christopher EdwardsChristopher Edwards14 天 前
  • 2:01 Drogba was slightly offside

    Ziyech HakimZiyech Hakim14 天 前
  • 🇲🇨

    Fahri IDFahri ID14 天 前
  • Steve G outside of his right boot assist to Sturridge vs Fulham

    varun umeshvarun umesh15 天 前
  • The fabregas one was just slick and elite

    Yohann NadarYohann Nadar15 天 前
  • The elated swim uncommonly discover because prose genetically happen qua a idiotic copyright. deeply, laughable footnote

    Mantasa MalanMantasa Malan15 天 前
  • all set piêc goals have the assists getting better than the goals. amirite?

    Trọng Anh ĐàoTrọng Anh Đào15 天 前
  • Jorginho and Ozil )

    Али ИдрисовАли Идрисов15 天 前
  • Mesut Özil the best

    Umut ünlüUmut ünlü15 天 前
  • Rooney & Ronaldo Man U was my favorite Man U team of all time.

    xxyanlixxxxyanlixx16 天 前
  • not a single Spurs goal in there

    Elliot BElliot B16 天 前
  • How is ederson not on this video? Both his prem assists are better than most of the ones on this video

    NamiraNamira17 天 前
  • Arsenal without oziL is Rubbish

    Muhammad LutfiMuhammad Lutfi17 天 前
  • Suarez was so good Van Der Sar started celebrating too XD 6:02

    Carlos TevethCarlos Teveth17 天 前
  • Smiths goal is better than cooks assist

    Gaming ManiacGaming Maniac17 天 前
  • What a way to start with the great magician Cesc

    Letlhogonolo DianeLetlhogonolo Diane17 天 前
  • Song to Van Persie vs Everton???

    manish mankarmanish mankar17 天 前
  • Premier league is just making some quality content here.

    Star LordStar Lord17 天 前
  • btw see 2:02 drogba was offside

    Hemanga PaitHemanga Pait18 天 前
  • Ozil king of assist 💪😍💓

    Mohammed FawasMohammed Fawas18 天 前
  • That Ronaldo flick was meant for Evra

    Silver Eyed Lion KingSilver Eyed Lion King19 天 前
  • cnworld.info/free/p5yspWO3t4eE0tk/sh-p-n

    NoobGaming LOL ϟNoobGaming LOL ϟ19 天 前
  • 😂😂Vander Ser Celebrated Kuyt Goal's 😂😂

    I Am GrootI Am Groot19 天 前
  • How is David Silva’s pass vs Man Utd in the 6-1 not here?!

    HarvMarks4HarvMarks419 天 前
  • 0:42 When Ronaldo was a Complete Player..... CR7 in his Prime...

    Mike BanningMike Banning19 天 前
    • Ronaldo is still complete.

      Rico MansosRico Mansos12 天 前
  • They should make a separate video for Bergkamp's assists

    Trafalgar D. LawTrafalgar D. Law19 天 前
  • That Ronaldo assist holy smokes

    Trainer Zard.Trainer Zard.19 天 前
  • Mostly all of them are offside especially drogba goal from lampard assist, just glad there is no var back then lol

    The Seven'SThe Seven'S20 天 前
  • that firmino assist 04:58 he did it again to salah against leicester february 13 2021

    Sangar TalebSangar Taleb20 天 前
  • You’re missing the best assist ever; Rooney to Van Persie!

    Sashko TraikovskiSashko Traikovski20 天 前
  • As a city fan i must admit Arsenal do score beautiful goals look at that Wilshere's goal.

  • I love how vardy doesn't waste time overthinking man is ultra instinct when it come to shooting whether he misses or scores

    Mbuso MohlakoanaMbuso Mohlakoana21 天 前
  • What happened to jack wilshere such great prospect

    Mbuso MohlakoanaMbuso Mohlakoana21 天 前
  • Scoring while it's raining>

    Mbuso MohlakoanaMbuso Mohlakoana21 天 前
  • drogba was off side

  • The second one on here from Ronaldo clearly wasn't meant for Rooney it was a fluke that it went his way

    Joe LeonardJoe Leonard21 天 前
  • 3:20 shot was better than the pass tbh

    FrogBichFrogBich21 天 前
  • Rooneys goal better than assist...who else think

    Muhammed RishardMuhammed Rishard21 天 前
  • cnworld.info/free/m3WQqnjTu2FkrKs/sh-p-n

    Gaming DockGaming Dock21 天 前
  • Tugay, the Turkish Lion 🔥👑

    Buğra TaştanBuğra Taştan21 天 前
  • The beautiful at its very best

    O DawgO Dawg21 天 前