Liam Cooper on Bielsa, Bamford, Raphinha, Leeds United, Premier League & more! | Uncut | AD

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On this week’s episode of Uncut, David Meyler and Joelah Noble chat with @Leeds United Official captain Liam Cooper. The defender discusses what it meant to lead the club back to the Premier League, what it’s like working with Marcelo Bielsa, whether Cooper can recreate any of Raphinha’s skills, Patrick Bamford, Elland Road, nutrition & more!
Elz (the Witch) also reveals the Premier League players featured in the Team of the Week.
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  • Very happy to see my Captain talking about team. Go easy on Alioski tho, he's a good player 😂 Go Leeds!!❤️

    Leon MeyersLeon Meyers天 前
  • Super duper Liam Cooper

    Tom JohnsonTom Johnson天 前
  • anyone else notice nick28T's tweet lmaooo what a guy

    BarryBarry3 天 前
  • Come on Liam and Leeds!!! Cheer from Argentina!!! #MOT

    Jota eMeJota eMe3 天 前
  • 11:13 this girl is beautiful 😍

    Adam DennisonAdam Dennison4 天 前
  • My captain👌💛💙🤍

    Side Before Self tvSide Before Self tv4 天 前
  • 1 minute in and its the same questions we've had for 3 years 😴

    MrLeeMrLee4 天 前



  • Nice of you to talk about Aubameyang hattrick when Liam Cooper is there 😂

    CarlxCarlx5 天 前
  • Only came to the comments to show some love to the caramel queen that's Joelah she's so leng.

    Nathan LhoniNathan Lhoni5 天 前
  • I'm sorry, but who gives a flying fuck about a video game? Not serious reporters, can't speak the queens English, and don't even start me on that hair

    stustu5 天 前
  • Liam Cooper not Coopa

    stustu5 天 前
  • Give Raphinha a real face damn it #fifa21

    Rakeem HusseinRakeem Hussein5 天 前
  • Can't wait to come back to Elland Rd I miss my boys #MOT

    Darcy Davies-JonesDarcy Davies-Jones7 天 前
  • Vamos Leeds debemos ganar o ganar en la que viene tenemos que entrar en copas importantes desde punta alta BSAS Argentina

    Marcelo RojasMarcelo Rojas7 天 前
  • Premier League should create a new award for Model Footballer and the inaugural winner should be Patrick Bamford. What a guy and what an ambassador for football.

    Prateek VasishtPrateek Vasisht8 天 前
  • What’s up with this girl and wanting fitness pointers off Liam Cooper lool

    Khalid GarbiyaKhalid Garbiya8 天 前
  • God she asks some stupid irrelevant questions

    fred bloggsfred bloggs8 天 前

    Ryan SnowRyan Snow11 天 前

    Ryan SnowRyan Snow11 天 前

    Ryan SnowRyan Snow11 天 前

    Ryan SnowRyan Snow11 天 前

    Ryan SnowRyan Snow11 天 前
  • I support Leeds

    Paddy BarnesPaddy Barnes12 天 前
  • He is rubbish and should not be captain

    Andrew ClavinAndrew Clavin14 天 前
  • Skipper💛💙

    Lufc 1919Lufc 191914 天 前
  • So many basic af questions 🙄

    Zach DaltonZach Dalton14 天 前
    • Such a basic comment

      100k with 1 video Challenge100k with 1 video Challenge4 天 前
  • Was enjoying until the Black Lives Matter had to be mentioned

    AquaticNeonnAquaticNeonn14 天 前
    • It does seem to be creating more problems than it set out to make people aware of. Knock it on the head now. Sport is supposed to be neutral. The BLM movement isn't as sweet and as cuddly as its portrayed if you can be arsed digging a bit deeper into its background.

      skygod1975skygod19755 天 前
    • @024_Swapnil Gohil yeah man

      AquaticNeonnAquaticNeonn8 天 前
    • Political correctness is so "white".

      bellinterlabbellinterlab10 天 前
    • @AquaticNeonn why u so angry boi?

      024_Swapnil Gohil024_Swapnil Gohil11 天 前
    • @Sebastián Bardón people get insulted on social media wether racism is involved or not the fact is keeping it a hot topic is not to key to moving on , it makes race stick out even more

      AquaticNeonnAquaticNeonn13 天 前
  • The boys deserve all the praise fhey get,plenty of hard graft has got them to a good place. ALAW

    yorks 58yorks 5815 天 前
  • So proud of the lads there just getting better and better, a delight to watch..

    Maureen TaitMaureen Tait15 天 前

    Lap Lap Ricky FungLap Lap Ricky Fung15 天 前
  • We want harrisson

    Ait el hadj HamzaAit el hadj Hamza15 天 前
    • tough.....

      Michael Luke MusicMichael Luke Music9 天 前
  • Alioski is the weirdest footballer ever

    inonk gaminginonk gaming15 天 前
    • He often does farm animal noises at opposition players he’s a total nut case but he’s out nut case

      Matthew SmithMatthew Smith6 天 前
  • Great

    Shahid WillieShahid Willie15 天 前
  • Renaced of manchester united wow

    Alvieri David Garcia AltamiranoAlvieri David Garcia Altamirano15 天 前
  • No longer League 1 Liam credit to the Guy.

    SJSJ15 天 前
    • No he just plays like he should be

      Andrew ClavinAndrew Clavin14 天 前
  • Leeds fan from South Africa glad they are back and even if they lose I'm still proud of the boys for playing like winners. Also glad they are creating the awareness of standing against racism being South African I know the damage racism causes to society and the struggle to heal from it. Shout out to our man Lucas Radebe

    Graham BoothGraham Booth15 天 前
    • Graham Booth - Lucas Radebe what a man, what a player, people go on about Marcus Rashford as a icon but he is nothing compared to Lucas Radebe. Also liked Phil Masinga watched them avidly both at Elland Road and tv . God bless South Africa 🇿🇦.

      Nathan UNathan U4 天 前
  • This league is beautiful.

    Abdulrahman AlalawiAbdulrahman Alalawi15 天 前
  • Wonderful music

    David 999David 99915 天 前
  • awesome video guyzzz

    SA- PUBGSA- PUBG15 天 前
  • 🤟🤟🤟 great video

    Rwichik BhattacharyyaRwichik Bhattacharyya15 天 前
  • Awesome

    Shahid WillieShahid Willie15 天 前
  • Alioski’s just weird

    Ali and Sulaiman IshaqAli and Sulaiman Ishaq15 天 前
  • 👍

    Realistaa Sayed AliRealistaa Sayed Ali15 天 前
  • Leeds 😍😍😍

    Switched On ProductionsSwitched On Productions15 天 前
  • The vid is fire

    Sasywasy YTSasywasy YT15 天 前
  • Raphina plays just like mahrez wonder left foot and skill full and a joy to watch

    Ali NjieAli Njie15 天 前
    • Mahrez plays like raphinia

      BoessBoess3 天 前
    • Ye but Raphinha is better

      George PlowsGeorge Plows4 天 前
  • Raphinha's screamers from outside the box are a thing of beauty to watch

    Rahul S NRahul S N15 天 前
  • Great Video🔥

    Sinan Shanavas 4Sinan Shanavas 415 天 前
    • @Dan Solo K Trophyless fan kid

      Sinan Shanavas 4Sinan Shanavas 415 天 前
    • imagine being older than 8 🤡🤡🤡

      Dan SoloDan Solo15 天 前
  • Yo

    Kinjal SahaKinjal Saha15 天 前
  • Leeds just need to stay in the Prem this season after so many years out and they nearly achieved that! They can keep building! Need teams like Leeds in the prem!! 😎

    North London's Most Red - Arsenal PodcastNorth London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast15 天 前
    • @Santino Landyn Checking it out now. Seems great so far :)

      Daxton VictorDaxton Victor天 前
    • not sure if anyone gives a damn but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girlfriends Instagram password by using Instaportal. Find it on google :)

      Santino LandynSantino Landyn天 前
    • 10th not exactly going down

      Alfie HighleyAlfie Highley7 天 前
    • I got news for you they are safe 35 points .

      persona250persona2508 天 前
  • Bielsa come back to Chile 😭

    l l a u r zl l a u r z15 天 前
    • @Ptolemy Delacoe-Eyre no worries mate not a lot of people know that tbf

      TomTom15 天 前
    • @Tom sorry im an absolute idiot

      Ptolemy Delacoe-EyrePtolemy Delacoe-Eyre15 天 前
    • @Ptolemy Delacoe-Eyre He managed the Chilean national team

      TomTom15 天 前
    • hes argetine...

      Ptolemy Delacoe-EyrePtolemy Delacoe-Eyre15 天 前
  • I am starting a cat army if you are interested in joining it is only available for humans and cats reply with meow to join

    michel khairallahmichel khairallah15 天 前
  • Selamin aleykum

    Ömer ÜründülÖmer Üründül15 天 前
  • Bamford > martial

    SzillarSzillar15 天 前
    • Usememadly as a Leeds fan that is wrong Bruno is on another level

      Lutfur R11Lutfur R1110 天 前
    • @Master assassin its a joke right?

      eduardo diazeduardo diaz10 天 前
    • I'm garing stop it jeering and grinding my teeth stop my 3rd eye is opening

      i hate the Illuminatii hate the Illuminati15 天 前
    • Raphinia>Bruno

      Master assassinMaster assassin15 天 前
  • El Capitano

    Albin Joseph RoyAlbin Joseph Roy15 天 前
    • "El" is Spanish & "Capitano" is Italian haha. It has to be El Capitán or Il Capitano.

      Sebastián BardónSebastián Bardón14 天 前
  • يارب اتوسل إليك أن ترزق صاحب اليد التي تضغط عالصوره واشتركت في قناتي فرحة يسجد لها باكيا وأجبر خواطره ان شاء الله

    متحف الفراعنهمتحف الفراعنه15 天 前
  • I like Leeds Raphina is a certified top Baller

    Young GoonerYoung Gooner15 天 前
    • @Ali Njie he’s staying, people high up in the club have said that they have long term plans for him among many other players

      JoeJoe3 天 前
    • Keep your hands off him, he is Leeds 😂

      CarlxCarlx5 天 前
    • You still arteta out haha

      teki tuptiasteki tuptias15 天 前
    • @Ali Njie yh

      Young GoonerYoung Gooner15 天 前
    • Yh he’s cold 🥶 on the ball and they got him got a bargain and they will sell him for good money 💰

      Ali NjieAli Njie15 天 前

    El Flaco ValerónEl Flaco Valerón15 天 前
  • First

    unknownunknown15 天 前
  • What’s your favourite Leeds United moment from this season?

    Premier LeaguePremier League15 天 前
    • Liverpool 4-3, Villa 0-3, City 0-0. Loss, win, and a draw. All 3 games were awesome, particularly the City game.

      X 99X 993 天 前
    • Beat Villa 3-0 with a Bamford hat trick

      Adam DennisonAdam Dennison4 天 前
    • Bamford hattrick

      CarlxCarlx5 天 前
    • Honestly when they went in an all out brawl against Liverpool

      Edward KellyEdward Kelly15 天 前
    • Still winding up everyone. MOT

      BeechBeech15 天 前
  • Rip to Phillips grandma

    your dadyour dad15 天 前
    • @Scott lightning Lmao ur such a neek!

      100k with 1 video Challenge100k with 1 video Challenge4 天 前
    • @Zach Dalton your a strange one, im assuming your already hiding behind your sofa with a mask on

      Scott lightningScott lightning13 天 前
    • @Scott lightning shut up idiot, go hide behind your sofa

      Zach DaltonZach Dalton13 天 前
    • @Benji3 what is up with you? You seem to have a lot of anger and hate in you, lockdown getting to us all

      Scott lightningScott lightning14 天 前
    • @Scott lightning shut up you neek

      Benji3Benji314 天 前
  • First !!

    Tawheed AliTawheed Ali15 天 前
    • Lol

      King GarbageKing Garbage15 天 前

      Tawheed AliTawheed Ali15 天 前
    • Fun fact: I don't care

      ZaidX7ZaidX715 天 前